Michael Edwards







I drew a coloured sketch today

Oh dear I’m sorry – that is bad

I meant to say a sketch of colour

Am I going truly mad?


(Let me confirm that this was penned

with no intention to offend.

Written purely for fun

so please don’t rush to get your gun).



  • RDS

    Haha lovely. Remaining unclassified I can only surmise you're drawn in two ways between something sociopolitical or humour. Great short hit.

    • Michael Edwards

      Purely humour - I never classify and perhaps I shouls get into the habit. Thanks RDS.

    • Goldfinch60

      You have done it again with your artwork Michael, it really intrigues me.

      As for speaking or writing about different references to colour it is like a minefield but in my long life I have never found any problems with race, sexuality, religion or any other types of difference in people as long as respect is shown to all. Respect is so important.


      • Michael Edwards

        Still playing around with this style - I used card which doesn't accept the colour too well. Will use proper sized watercolour paper in future - never stop learning. Respect is surely what matters and I only wish those on BOTH sides of any disagreement could all understand this.

      • orchidee

        It's naughty to say 'coloured' people, I heard. We must say 'black people'.
        Ask Ana Lyse to look at your poem and pic, and suggest a classification!

        • Michael Edwards

          I did ask Ana but she says there isn't a classification for humour - only humor whatever that is.

          • orchidee

            Where's them 'u's gone? Did Miss Berles say there's a shortage of them? She said use 'colored', etc.
            Btu we do it in UK too - it's 'humorous' not 'humourous'. See, we missed a 'u' out. They've got us doing it now too!
            Oh, how is [G]Urtie Caria these days? Hopefully not troublesome.

          • SureshG

            No matter how I look at it, I only see beauty.

          • L. B. Mek

            'colour(ed)' as a stand alone word is not offensive my sharp witted friend, but let us tiptoe the blurred lines of humour with one eye on 'context',
            'pronouns' are symbolic of choice verbiage, important as a gauge of progression for those who feel maligned and marginalised within our society,
            Racism fuelling omission by skin 'colour' - is an integral subject that underlines 'the inhumane' within our collective history's,
            but 'colour' in context to those who were subjected to 400 years of slavery is a subject - I urge, be handled with a little consideration to the innately inflammatory reactions it will inevitably 'resurface', seeing how this Summer's outcry's of popularised injustice's have barely been stifled,
            unless that is the sole point of making that 'innocent quip' - to begin with...
            ah life - let us ever laugh and welcome the cocoon of selective ignorance, so we can at least brew our beloved cup of foreign Tea in some semblance of peace, lol

            • Doggerel Dave

              Thumbs up, I think LB. Words come with connotations, assumptions, viewpoints attached - they don't come alone, pure and unsullied. These may further arrive with these attachments in different combinations and emphases to different recipients.
              Language can be a very imperfect means of communication sometimes, but It's all we've got....


              • Poetic Dan

                See now I wrote my comments before reading and this is it.. Pure intent at the end of your feedback here my friend! As I many not be a well educated man but that's call passive aggression where I'm from!

                Much peace and respect!

              • ANGELA & BRIAN

                ANGELA here - Thnaks for the PICASSO reminds me of Darth Vadar who sadly died this week - I was told He was Immortal !
                MLK said he wanted his Children to be judged NOT to be judged by the COLOUR of their skin but by the strength of their CHARACTER ! Because my DAD is from Southern Spain - my skin is OLIVE - fortunately Brian likes Olives. Brian is PINK ~ all over ! BUT is classified as WHITE ! He can be BLUE with cold - GREEN with envy - PURPLE with rage etc but he*s still classified as white. One advantage of being my colour - I dont have waste time SUNBATHING ! Love the POEM ~ please check ours - Thanks

                Blessings & Prayers for You & Jeanne
                Love Angela Brian & Smokey ! ! !

                • Michael Edwards

                  You have much in common with Jeanne. She also has no need to put her health at risk by sunbathing.

                • Poetic Dan

                  I laughed a few times but I guess mostly when I read your notes as words I feel can never be offensive without intent and you sir have a wonderful manner! As your art and poetry always reflects its magic handler...

                • Jerry Reynolds

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                  • RDS

                    Wow! An eightfold challenge of language! 'Love' your difficult style Jerry!

                    • Michael Edwards

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                    • Robert Haigh

                      Yes, political correctness has gone too far in some respects, I fear. At least we can laugh at the sillier aspects of it (can't we?)

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Well I think we can - passion about something can be a virtue but not when it overheats. When it does we are left with nothing to defuse it but humour and sadly not everyone can look on the funny side. I feel another poem coming on.

                      • Maxine Smith

                        You could never offend.

                        Some people take this new world to seriously.

                        It’s a chalk board not a black board. Have your coffee with milk or without, not black or white.

                        The worlds gone mad.

                        I like it Michael, thought provoking, nicely done as always.

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