Fay Slimm.

December Sunset



December Sunset.


White caps on an ocean like thick crystal blossom
coloured when pink broke through cloud cover
and December's low sun flooded the gaps.


Dusk ran its gold breeze through cliff-top heather,
ruffled small harebells and blushed to russet
small tufts of tough storm-beaten grasses.


Naught hit my ears with more wonder than when    
hearing riled waves crack on granite as sunset
led roosting gull-flight thru' water passage.


Wind still smacking stone I headed homeward 
as crimson gloaming spilt Night's blood over
blue so Day could draw blinds and relax.



  • dusk arising

    By gum, on a day like that rush off home for a good hot cuppa and a hearty kipper for breakfast.

    I caught the atmosphere and pictured the marvel of the sea bird's flight low across the waves.

    The picture reminded me of Keneggy on the south shore where the 76 heatwave and i got together to enjoy the raging shivvers of sunstroke. Beautiful bit of coastline.

  • orchidee

    Good write Fay.

  • Michael Edwards

    Brilliantly atmospheric - another joy to read.

  • Robert Haigh

    Poetically described, and the photo is a perfect choice to accompany the poem.

  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    Seen some beautiful sunsets, here and there, but with Cornwall you seen to get that little bit extra.great combo today


    Good Afternoon Fay - ANGELA HERE - I guess you are real pleased to be in TIER 1 (with the Isle of Wight !) Compared wth Essex it gives you an extra *Degree of Freedom* moving into the Festive Season ! We & Andy are focussing on the SUNRISE today and yourself on SUNSET (awesome photo) its all part of Natures diurnal cycle ! Love the Poem - three elegant triplets extolling a perfect Cornish Winter Sunset ~ AMEN !

    Blessings & Joy & Peace always
    Love Angela Brian & Smokey 💛💛💛

  • Goldfinch60

    Beautiful atmospheric write Fay.


  • L. B. Mek

    from picture to very last full stop: this here be Art, immersive yet transcendent, subtle yet throat-chokingly unavoidable and above all else: crafted with such purity of intent to helps other's experience the true wonder's of nature,
    absolutely wonderful Fay!!!

  • RDS

    Marvelously evocative Fay. A beautiful reflection of Cornish coastlines and sky high colour. Atmospheric and earthy. I can almost smell the sea and grassy cliffs. Lovely picture too.

  • Maxine Smith

    A beautiful dream to read Fay.

  • Neville

    a portrait painted perfectly .. my kinda music ... my kind of poem .. I can feel the air cooling and smell the salt even as I hit the send button .............

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