Marvellous Marriage

Tune: St Michael

('The Lord is risen indeed')

Revelation 19 v.7-9


Let us be glad, rejoice

Praise the Lord with one voice

For marriage of the Lmb is come

Christi invites every one


The Bride, church, has prepared

And with her it be shared

Fine linen, clean and white, her dress

Christ, the Groom, does her bless


This fine linen it be

Righteous acts of saints, see

There she arrayed all glorious

It is the church, e'en us


Blessed are they who are called

To this supper, enthralled

They be, it the marriage supper

Of the Lamb, holy, pure


Love of the Bride and Groom

Depart mourning, tears, gloom

Marriage lasting eternally

Fro mall sin, evil free


  • orchidee

    Some churches - not many, I hope - may seem to be like KP. You know - selfish, ego-trips, me, me, me,.... need I go on?

    • Michael Edwards

      I know exactly what you mean. My wife's church seems to put more effort into money raising than ever it does into supporting it's community.

      • orchidee

        Thanks M. A church appealed, not for one, but for two million pounds. They've not done a thing to one of the buildings they had intended to redevelop. Has it all gone into their other project? KP's spent all my money on botox!

      • Goldfinch60

        Good one Orchi, but as you know my christian faith is no longer but my marriage to Joyce was at the time when I believed.

        Make sure KP does not see this!!!!


        • orchidee

          Thanks Gold.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE ~ Good Evening UNCLE STEVE ! Now Now ~ You acuse us of *Jumping the Gun* for CHRISTMAS but now You have jumped to EASTER 2021 (COVID Free ?) ~ Love the Organ Recital ! I love the Passage & the Poem. It exemplifies the infinite Love of God to the Human Race. When we read the Opening of Revelations (Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia) we see that even in the First Century the Curch was not Perfect ! If we fast forward to the 21st C its even worse. And YET God still sees the CHURCH as perfect *The Bride of Christ* You & I Steve are part of the Church *The Bride of Christ* and PRAISE GOD ~ When we all get to HEAVEN ~ CLOTHED in CHRISTS RIGHTEOUSNESS ~ We shall be CHANGED and fit to be part of the BRIDE AMEN. Angela & I are not Theologians so we dont fully understand it all BUT we do - by Faith - Believe it ALL - Because its in the BIBLE ~ AMEN

          Blessings to You & Your Pious PUP !
          Love in the Spirit A & B & El GATO 💛💛💛
          Please check our Advent Ode TOMORROW
          *AN ADVENT CANDLE* Thanks A & B & C

          • orchidee

            Thanks B&A. Oops, yes, an Easter hymn there! Same as grumbling about receiving Christmas Catalogues in June then! lol.

          • L. B. Mek

            a person of faith with the ability to question and speak-out against the questionable actions of the fallible human's - intrusted, with the righteous management of your belief, is someone I would enjoy engaging in open dialogue with, over a beer or two...
            'when we can view Dogma as text, we can finally start to spellcheck and engage - openly: in debate'...
            (I'm a little proud of this scribble, I must admit, feel free to post it if you like, thanks for inspiring me, my friend) lol

            • orchidee

              Thanks LB. Erm, I'm known on here for adding water to tipples. A beer or two might addle me brain! It's me sheltered life, you see. lol. And Fido is my imaginary dog on here too. He thinks 'dog-ma' refers to him!
              I tend to be rather 'blind-faith' accepting, but not 'brain-washed'. I'm not all that good at sustaining religious 'arguments'. 'Argument' can have a more technical sense though, not meaning fighting cat and dog, but a sort of reasoning out of things.

            • Neville

              they say marriage is an institution .. and who wants to spend their life in an institution eh' ... come to think of it .. I have spent most of my life in one or another ..... Happy Sunday sir ..

              • orchidee

                Thanks Neville. Oh woe, whatever caused me to marry KP (Katie Price)? 'Twas one Halloween, She tricked or treated me into it, disguised as a witch. I am cruel! lol. She's hardly ever home anyway - always in the papers or on telly.

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