Michael Edwards




Can  you  spo*   *he  absen*ees?

Someone’s  s*olen  all  the  ‘ts’.


  • orchidee

    Oh no, not this business again. lol.
    I had the same trouble, when I lost the 'Q'. It didn't matter that much, except for words like '*ueen, *uiz, en*uire, etc.
    I'm sure it's worse losing your T'.s Miss B got more in stock? Or when is the next delivery due?

    • Michael Edwards

      I've just mentioned this against your latest - got a few Ts to spare but not sure about Qs - try the Royal Mint.

      • orchidee

        Hope there IS a shortage of F and B's in poems though!

      • dusk arising

        Hv u vvr trd wrtng wth s mny vwls mssng s pssbl. thyr jst nt rlly mprtnt r thy?

        • Michael Edwards

          'm lst wtht vwls - thnks dsk rsng.

          • dusk arising

            Rlly n-jyd yr pctr 2dy 2. Dffclt 2 lv vvry vwl owt. Sm of thm hv a us.

            Mry hd a lttl lmb
            whs flc ws wht as snw
            nd vvrywhr tht Mry wnt
            hr lmb ws sr 2 go.

            vowels huh... give me the constance of consonants

          • Goldfinch60

            I dn't mind smenne bliteratin 's but d nt leave them ut f my Rija.


          • ANGELA & BRIAN

            Good Morning Uncle Mike ~ Brian here on Coffee Break so Im not missing my *T* ! Love the geometric fish. T is an important letter in the ENGLISH Language. I do the CODEWORD in the *I* and they include 3 letters. Im always pleased when ONE is a *T* because it opens up so many words ! Please check *AN ADVENT CANDLE* and our latest Fusion *TREASURES OF THE SNOW* Thanks A & B !

            Blessings & Prayers to You & Jeanne
            LOVE A & B & Smokey 💛💛💛

            • Michael Edwards

              Thankfully there's no T in milk - cheers Brian.

            • Dove

              Some hing is fishy! I hink he fish go hungry

            • Maxine Smith

              Wha a giggle o read!

              Hank you for wriing such fun.

            • Neville

              summat fishy going on here .... well fishy ...........

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