Poetic Dan

Knowledge & unknown

I love a first dictionary word of the day! Not that I couldn't read it but I stopped pretending I know what I don't a long time ago.

For many people you can blag, even yourself into facts but nature and children will see right through that! As actions trumps words but together they can perform magic unseen, when we no longer hide from all the feelings that are real!

I get told many secrets, maybe because I have none of my own! If I have one it burns and I start to lose control, then I talk or write and it unloads to a new road!

I have no shame in the things I still have to learn and my last lesson just gone, is to truly accept nothing in this life is mistake, all teachings from grandmasters!

Each soul I've been in contact with, the animals and trees and most importantly the rhythm of the sea!

Beating down like a drum or as calm as a gentle breeze, I'm addicted to life and all I can be to help walk in the shadows finding all the beauty!

While knowledge is amazing, the unknown is outstandingly life changing! 


  • Robert Haigh

    No matter how much knowledge we acquire, there is always still much to learn. We can never learn or know everything, and that is one of the great wonders and adventures of life. We will never be too old to discover something new and wonderful. We should keep our inner child alive, I believe. Enjoy life!

    • Poetic Dan

      "I don't know but I've been told, you never grow up if you feed your soul" fantastic tune!
      "like a child you will run, free and under the sun"

      I think that will now play in my mind all day!
      Thank you for that and of course your time!

    • dusk arising

      So much going on in your post today and your video is again terrific.
      I'm reading the words of the happy man in Dan today and it's good to see.

      • Poetic Dan

        Ha! You caught me with my hair down my friend and yes I feel 110%

        I've had the best morning and now getting the privilege to do what I was made to do! Live, love and let go....

        What more could I ask... O yeah I know, my window wipers not to be held together with a cable tie.... Ha ha! Broke on me when I had four mutts in the car too!

        Still, a slap & tickle then I made it home safe!

        Have a fantastic day buddy!

      • L. B. Mek

        'For many people you can blag, even yourself into facts but nature and children will see right through that!'
        what a line! a brilliant shard of penetrating wisdom - mined from within: generously shared, unfiltered and so inspiringly brave

        • Poetic Dan

          Wow, words I'll be putting into my treasure chest for life! Anything you truly see must live within us all, as if I'm that brave so are you!

          Really can't thank you enough, keep up the write!

          See you on the other side.

        • Neville

          I got no other words but AMAZING .. there, that'll do nicely .... so happy for you my friend ... great vid .. great post and a couple of universal truths thrown in ... just to balance everything up nicely ....

          • Poetic Dan

            All absorb by many captains at see, thanks for building me and keeping me strong!!

            As I write this a collie mix German Shepherd is bending my ear because it doesn't like the cage! Gutted the rest of the crew do!

            Thanks again..

          • Michael Edwards

            Dan - thank you so much for your really kind words. no matter what sparked this write it certainly gave rise to another super work from your pen.
            keep writing mate.

            • Poetic Dan

              It's the little spark before the flame my friend! Still hard to see I have the ability to do what I do and it be worth anything! Then you realise that was the point, all in the eye of the beholder! I am way more that just a hard worker..

              Always appreciated!

            • Maxine Smith

              ‘I’m addicted to life’ gold!!

              The shadows truly are the growth of beauty and the fear of the unknown has the power to change our lives.

              Excellent writing Dan!!

              • Poetic Dan

                Yeah! It is and felt the tune when I wrote the words, I'll give - bliss & eso the credit but not the vibration of that I live it!

                Keep turning the corners...
                Although I think frozen 2 may of influenced me.... The girls love it lol

              • Goldfinch60

                You are in a wonderful place Dan with happiness flowing from you, that happiness will guide you into the the unknown in a positive way and all will be so wonderful, keep keep looking forward.


                • Poetic Dan

                  Keeping on keeping on my friend! Never put down the pen!

                • RDS

                  That's a great poem Dan, can tell it's a happy place to be. Knowledge is an aspect of learning that keeps growing, as a mountain, you're climbing and more of the unknown mountain emerging from the mists. Some of the things we wish to know can't be grasped and some knowledge reminds us we have to participate and rediscover stuff.
                  Stay creative.

                  • Poetic Dan

                    Ha! Rediscovering is the battle, my stubbornness can be very hot and hard to handle!!

                    Luckily I get an outlet, just and no choice but have to lay all my weight on a dog to teach it there are no more moves!!

                    I'm not out of my comfort zone but everything is running on a moments notice! It to the unknowns beautiful rush!

                    Always appreciated my friend
                    Keeping creative!

                    Much peace and respect

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