Rebecca Anne

Prey to an Angel

Is it really worth the battle?
In this eerie earth you travel,
To resurrect a broken angel,
A treasure, wrecked, unstable.

She, who thrusts her wings upon you,
Entrust her with your heart if you dare to.
You discuss "us" in all its beauty,
She's disgusted, you're merely her duty.

By her body, you will be adorned, 
Become her sweet nobody, left scorned.
Disguised as the angel you thought you knew,
You lie with a danger no man should pursue.

Bleeding, bound to a Goddess by her spell,
Sweet secrets you share, you'd never dare tell.
Her feathers grow black, from the darkness within,
Shallow breaths escape as your back loses skin.

Her wrath grows to match every beating,
Her secrets unfold with your racing hearts meeting.
It is your submission for which she does yearn,
For, to break an angel, today it's her turn.

Her feathers, now frosted with red,
Still tempt you mercilessly into her bed.
With a halo blinding you from her disgrace,
She leaves you with scars that run deeper than your faith.

Her welcomed claws caress your spine,
With kind bruises she claims you. Your body; her shrine.
In saving your angel, you so sweetly endeavoured,
But in saving this angel, your own wings did get severed.

Is it really worth the battle?
In this eerie earth you travel.
To resurrect yourself, her broken angel,
A treasure, soon to be lost to a fable.



    ANGELA here - Good Afternoon Rebecca welcome to MPS it is a proactive site. Thanks for your first Poem which is very elegantly penned - replete with Rhyme & Rhythm. I can empathise with the Title & the Subject ! There are many *Female Fallen Angels* out there who will feed on ones Virtue ! Iam a Physio & an Aromatherapist (NHS) and some of my Clients require Home Visits. Mine is *hands - on* Profession so VIRTUE goes out me and flows from my HANDS into my Clients. Some of the *Broken Angels* are very demanding and absorb a lot of my virtue. Fortunately I am a very Spiritual Person & can get recharged through Prayer & Meditation ~ AMEN ~ Thanks for sharing ~ Please visit our site ~ Thanks A & B !

    Love ~ Joy & Peace to YOU & YOURS

    • Rebecca Anne

      Hi there Angela! Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment and for opening up about what the poem means to you! It brings great joy to know that my words struck a chord in you. By helping those in need of it, you've chosen a virtuous and admirable path, and I wish you all the best with it! Sending joy and my best wishes to you, Brian, and to all of your fallen angels! xxx

    • Goldfinch60

      A very strong emotive write.

      Welcome to MPS.

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