Michael Edwards





It’s a small world ain’t it

but I don’t want to paint it.


They say it’s neither here nor there

Where can it be ?

Are you aware?


My parents failed to understand me

my parents were Japanese you see.


  • Goldfinch60

    Three fun ones Michael.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - I realised I'd already posted the picture so I've just changed it.

    • orchidee

      Good write and pic M. lol.
      You knowing Confucius Berles? Is He Japanese?!

      • Michael Edwards

        Do you mean Fuscia Berles - the wobbly skirty dangleload bloomalots?

        • orchidee

          Yes, probably! lol.

        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          BRIAN HERE ~ GOOD SABBATH UNCLE MIKE ! Thanks for the MOTHER BOARD for *ALEXA* Being a female its the most complex yet ! Ive been married nearly a year and when I click on to *UNDERSTANDING ANGELA* it says 2% complete ! Thank GOD genetically we*ve both got another 50 years ! Love the CM*s !

          No 1. When I was Younger I painted the Town Red when Liverpool won the European Cup ~ but that was my limit !
          No 2. When all is *Said & Done* theres nothing more to be *Said or Done
          No 3. I only discovered recently that my Dad was found in a GOLF BAG in the 19th Green ! It explains a lot of things ! The Barman (wuo adopted Him) was Chinese so he was christened HO LIN WON !

          There is still a lot of space on our MEMORIES FUSION ~ please add another ~ but remember to remember it this time ~ THANKS ~ ABC !!!

          Blessings & Prayers to You & JEANNE
          Love Angela Brian Smokey ! ! !

          • Michael Edwards

            I'm thinking I promise - but not sure what about. Life's complicated.

          • dusk arising

            There weren't many things Bill couldn't do well.
            But his missus had a knack for finding them.

            When everything else fails.
            You may as well join in.

            Time flies.
            I'm cycling.

          • Dove

            Abstract painting, for abstract poetry! Seriously though, both are cute! Best to you and yours

          • Andrew Charles Forrest

            I love the abstract Michael it makes me think how we attempt to make sense of a chaotic world with Geometry and math... Excellent, it really speaks out

          • FredPeyer

            Love the poem.
            Love the painting.
            Nuff said!

          • Doggerel Dave

            Thanks for the intro to Chic Murray, Michael.
            As above re the artwork.

            • Michael Edwards

              I just love his pre-woke humour.
              I still find his stair humour so funny:

              I came down the stairs - I use the same stairs I use when going up - it saves having two sets of stairs.

              i get up early - it means I've got the rest of the day to myself.

              I got up this morning and came down the stairs - it's easier than climbing out the window.

              • Doggerel Dave

                So - seen him on utube , then sussed out book collections. Seems main attraction is 'Funnyosities'. Do you know of (and recommend) any others or better?


              • FineB

                A good write and a beautiful picture.

                Keep writing and safe during these challenging times.

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