Eternal Enfranchisement

* Enfranchise - to liberate; set free

Tune: Carlisle

('Tis good Lord, to be here')

Revelation 21 v.9-12 parts


John in vision was shown

New Jerusalem known

Descended from the heavenly height

A true resplendent sight


It shone with God's glory

Light like precious stone, see

As jasper stone, clear as crystal

Glowing most beauteous all


It had wall great and high

With twelve gates by adn by

Names written on gates of twelve tribes

Of Israel there inscribed


Each gate made of a pearl

As vision did unfurl

Street of the city was pure gold

As transparent glass bold


Wall had twelve foundations

Name there of holy one

Of the twelve apostles, for they

Followed Christ [the Lamb] in His day


Foundations were garnished

With precious stones furnished

Jasper, sapphire, chalcedony

Emerald, so some be


Sardondyx, sardius

Infinite wonders thus

Chrysolite, beryl, and topaz

Of these the city has


Chrysoprasus, jacinth

Various hues and tints

And amethyst, above earth's store

Of its glories e'ermore


General guide to precious stones:

Jasper - red, yellow, or brown

Sapphire - blue

Chalcedony - white, grey, blue, or brown

Emerald - green

Sardonyx - brownish red, or ruby

Sardius - yellow or orange

Chrysolite - pale yellow-green

Beryl - pale green, light blue, yellow, or white

Topaz - yellow, white, rose, pale blue, or pale green

Chrysoprasus - golden green

Jacinth - reddish-orange

Amethyst - purple or violet


  • Goldfinch60

    Does your hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia play up when you use some of these long words Orchi.


    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold. Oh yes, the hippo word. Must I always alliterate? That's quite a long word too. lol

    • Robert Haigh

      A richly decorated write, orchidee! All those precious stones made me put my dark glasses on! Well composed, as always.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Robert. Them women in those days were told not to adorn themselves in those days with gold. I ain't got any to give my wife! It's KP (Katie Price) so I say. I've been miserable since. lol. (Another eccentricity of mine on here - I married her one Halloween)

      • ANGELA & BRIAN

        BRIAN HERE ~ The Transfiguration great event and great Hymns to sing along to ! Love JOHNS descriptin of the HOLY CITY with all the GEMSTONES ! We teach GEMMOLOGY in my Department (Applied Science) and have a modest collection ! Some of the Churches we have visited in Russia (which are now very active !) are lavishly decoarated with semi-precious GEMSTONES like Lapis Lapuli etc. Just as COVID cant destroy CHRISTMAS so Communism could not supress Christianity ~ AMEN !

        Blessings & Peace to YOU & Inspector Hound !
        Spiritual Love A & B & Il Gatto Fumoso ! ! !

        • orchidee

          Thanks A&B. I'm open to you correcting me, with the gemmology, if I've got any colours wrong.
          I didn't know any Gemmas at School! (Do shut up Orchi. lol).

        • FredPeyer

          Orchie, this is a GEM of a poem!

          • orchidee

            Thanks Fred.

          • Jerry Reynolds

            Good job. Happy Holidays.

            • orchidee

              Thanks Jerry.

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