The best place to be where happiness resides,

Where love is cherished and comforts your mind,

When the ocean waves soothes your emotions,

Feeling seduced by pleasurable moments,

A place that's beautifully heaven sent,

Where u can find great joy and bliss,

A place of the sweetest of roses and softest of clouds,

A place of magic with magical sounds,

Dreamworld a world that is the greatest,

Fulfilling your every need living your expectations,

Deep in your heart you feel the sensation,

Dwelling in your essence deepening your vibrations,

Loving seeing every moment of god's creations,

what looks like art and is viewed as amazing,

Where love is found and perfection expands,

Where hope is all around and hope will win,

Walking on the beach feet caressed by the sand,

Sensationally at peace in never never land.




  • Poetic Dan

    You got with the title as its a place I've been many times and then by the end of your flow, I felt the beach on my toes!

    How easy it is to miss what's right underneath our nose!

    Thanks for sharing and the reminder
    Much peace and respect


    ANGELA HERE ~ Hi Shearonder ~ Thanks for a beautiful Poem replete with Rhyme & Rhythm ! LOVE the positivity ! Happiness - Love - Comforts your mind - Sooths your emotions - Pleasure - Joy & Bliss - Sweet & Magic - Dreamworld - Gods Creation - Sensionally & Peace ~ AMEN
    We have been to some Lovely places in the USA ~ Grand & Bryce Canyons - Aspens @ Colorado in the Fall - the Big Sur - The Everglades - Austin Texas - Alaska & Hawaii etc etc ! However for US the most Beautiful Place on Earth (our Shangri La) is the English Lake District in any Season ! The Village of Grassmere is in the Middle and the Ten major Lakes radiate out like Spokes on a Wheel ! The Peaks (highest is 3200 ft) are in between the Lakes and the longest Lake is 11 miles (Windermere !). Small by USA standards but on a Human Scale ! Like the whole of the UK which is 40 times smaller than the USA. Thanks for sharing ! Please check our POEM for TODAY ~ TRUE LOVE ~ Thanks ABC !!!

    Blessings & Peace to You & Yours
    Love Angela Brian & Smokey ! ! !

  • Shearonder1987

    Thanks 💗

  • Goldfinch60

    Yes I would like to be there as well Shearonder.


    • Shearonder1987

      Definitely thanks for reading 💗

    • L. B. Mek

      what a wonderful song to all things nature and existence, immersive in its melodic gaiety,
      a brilliant read on a sunny Winter's, Monday morning,
      thanks for sharing

      • Shearonder1987

        Ur welcome and thanks for reading 💗

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