Michael Edwards





‘Twas in the tunnel of love that we met

we were digging it out and covered in sweat.


I’m really turned on by black underwear

so I’ve not washed my y-fronts for nearly a year


We’ve stained glass windows in our house

and at last we’ve made a decision

We’re going out with loaded shotgun

to shoot that bloody  pigeon.


  • Goldfinch60

    Three more fun ones Michael.

    Love the artwork.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy. Just a small one (4ins sq) but currently working on slightly larger works as I get more familiar with the style.

    • orchidee

      Oh lol, good writes M.
      I was gonna write a gross poem, but Fido would not let me.
      It began 'I'm really turned on by brown underwear'......

      • Michael Edwards

        And in my cupboard I have a pair
        of underpants I'd like to share

        • orchidee

          Not today, thank you - not any day! lol. Miss Berles got any? Or too gross to find out?

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        • ANGELA & BRIAN

          Good Morning UNCLE MIKE ~ The Doodles have morphed into a PIANO GRANDE ! Love the CMs !
          1. As the SONG says ~ Moles - in underground holes - do it - Lets fall in love !
          2. As HENRY FORD said to His Wife ~ You can wear any colour Lingerie Agness ~ as long as its BLACK !
          3. Confusus He say ~ A ll House Glass is paned ~ BUT not all House Glass is stained !

          Thanks for Sharing
          Blessings & Prayers to You & Jeanne
          Love Angela Brian Smokey ! ! !

          • Michael Edwards

            Bless you both - more CMs to come.

          • L. B. Mek

            a fun read Michael, like the musicality of your artwork as well

            • Michael Edwards

              Thanks LB - I'm ina sort of humerous deco mood of late.

            • dusk arising

              He nervously kept his dental appointment knowing the extraction would be painful.
              He was right of course, the dentist had extracted every note from his wallet.

              • Michael Edwards

                Just had a ew crown fitted so I know all about wallet extraction.

                • dusk arising

                  I had a molar extraction on last day of Nov. Spent 55mins in dentist chair, the pain afterwards just wouldn't go away and i needed antibiotics... still painful and socket still huge. I know a little about dental pain.

                • Unsub


                  brilliant & fun!


                • FredPeyer

                  Michael, you made my day. Read em at 7:45 this morning. Now have to run to take all my underwear out of the washer!!!

                  • Michael Edwards

                    You mean you've been washing it?

                  • FineB

                    Hi Michael

                    A superb write and a gorgeous picture.

                    Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

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