अरमान है

चले हैं एक राह पे,
कुछ अपनों के साथ में...
राह नहीं आसान है,
पूरी लगी अपनी जान है।
एक बार हम चमकेंगे,
हमारे सितारे भी दमकेंगे।
उम्मीदों की डोर बना ली है,
हम उड़ेंगे ऊंचे आसमान में।
बनानी एक पहचान है,
अपनों के कुछ अरमान है।
है देर हुई पर कुछ दूर नहीं,
हम इतने भी मज्ञबूर नहीं।
चल दिया है लड़खड़ा के,
क़दम भी सम्भल जायेंगे।
अपनी राह बनायेंगे।
उठेंगे लड़ेंगे बढ़ेंगे,
अरमानों की राह में,
सफलता की चाह में।
ख्वाब पूरे करने की चाह है,
कुछ अपनों का साथ है।


  • orchidee

    Me laptop helped me out. A message appeared 'Translate?'. I clicked Yes - and - bingo!
    Or try the old right-click button.
    Good write S.

    • shivashiv

      Thank you very much... Keep supporting 🤗

    • dusk arising

      džɀɇʬͱͼ ˧ЖЮϧњ șѾЎф Ѯӄ

    • Goldfinch60

      May that dream be fulfilled and all be successful in your life.

      Welcome to MPS.

      • shivashiv

        🙏🙏🙏 thank you

      • Robert Southwick Richmond

        Answered a question - I see that MyPoeticSide (which is a WordPress site) supports Devanāgarī. I've gotten it to display Farsi and pointed Hebrew in a couple of poems. Must have very good Unicode support.

        Tell us how the verse works. I can't read Devanāgarī, but I can see that lines rime, and riming lines are approximately the same length.

        I know that much of the Bhagavad-Gītā is in trochaic tetrameter (the meter of Longfellow's Hiawatha).

      • shivashiv

        This poem is just a feeling and enthusiasm based, I'm not a pro writer even this is my first poem.. but i would take care of instruction and try to reduce the problem of wording..
        Positive thing for me is some people is noticing the correction, and that could help me to write correctly.
        Thank you very much for your help and support.

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