Melissa walls


Having you as a sister, it's like having a second soul.  We've dreamt together, we've fought together.  But, never left one another alone.  Even the times that we've hated each other.  We stood together again and again.

No one can ever replace you.  Your spot in my heart is only for you.  Nothing could fill the void I would fill.  If there was no longer you.

There are not enough words that could tell you just how much you mean.  Being your little sister is the best thing to happen to me.

You helped me to grow up,  protected me from those who are mean.  You've picked me up and you've dusted me off.  You've taught me so many wonderful things.

If there was never you in my life.  Can you imagine just where I would be? 

It would be dark, it would be scary.  I would be lost if you weren't here with me.


  • Samer Amin

    Thank you for expressing your appreciation and affection through these eloquent poetic verses.
    In fact, most of us are in desperate need for our beloved ones to express their feelings towards us in such a beautiful and sincere manner.

  • Goldfinch60

    Wonderful words Melissa sisterly and brotherly care for each other is so important in our lives.


  • Michael Edwards

    Super write - I just hope she has read (or does read) this.

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Like your Big sister, I was the big brother. we know what we did. -BUT-
    it's sure nice to hear it. Happy New Year

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