Michael Edwards




I’m a poet and artist and I ought

to paint something different and so I thought

I’d have a go at  painting snow

so off I went with  paints in tow

and wrapped in fleece and feeling keen

I went outside to view the scene

but on applying paint to snow

it melted and began to flow

and  so my drive began to taper

think I’d better stick to paper.






  • orchidee

    Oh lol, good write and pic M.
    I produced a blank sheet of paper. A painting entitled 'A town covered in snow!' It might be worth millions. heehee.
    Do you know that painting of a black sheet of paper: 'A black cat in a coal cellar at midnight'?

    • Michael Edwards

      I do know the painting: A Drop Of Soda Water in the Atlantic.
      Well whatever floats your boat.

    • Goldfinch60

      You could always sculpt snow but it still would not last . God fun write Michael.

      Another very intriguing artwork and as you know I love things that intrigue me and this one is no exception.


      • Michael Edwards

        Thanks Andy - I'm builksinf #gf - sorry clumsy fingers - I'm building up a collection of these ready foe a possible exhibition covid allowing.

        • Goldfinch60

          That would be good, maybe I could come and see it, COVID allowing.


        • Neville

          Sleet ... Snow joke that ... but funny as summat that rhymes with stuck........

          • orchidee

            Excuse me butting in - ahh, you mean 'luck' of course? Hmmm!

            • Michael Edwards

              duck ?

            • dusk arising

              I tried my hand at writing slush
              gave it up, knocked down by a bus.

              wrote a sonnet on the canal top ice
              but the ice was thin, i paid the price

              so i turned at last to compose in fog
              stupidly i wandered into a bog

              so still i try, here at my pooter
              dumbstuck as usual, in a stupor

              • Michael Edwards

                I read the words wot you just wrote
                and so you got my well earned vote.

              • FineB

                Merry Xmas Michael,

                A good write on snow.

                Keep writing ✍ and safe during these challenging times.

              • Jerry Reynolds

                Like both the painting and the poem Michael. Poured gesso on a canvas moved it around a bit with a pallet knife. Wrote in small letters in the center TUNDRA it sold.

                • Michael Edwards

                  Thanks Jerry - reminds me of one of my earliest sales. I painted what I thought was a great painting of a village centre which included a letter box. I was really chuffed when it sold only for the purchaser to deflate my ego with the words : I allways buy pictures with letter boxes in them'.

                • Robert Southwick Richmond

                  You're unusual on MyPoeticLife in that you write metrical verse. Iambic tetrameter couplets are something I'm very interested in - see my Christmas Fete poem posted on Christmas Day.

                  • Michael Edwards

                    Thanks Robert - I'll take a look.
                    I do like meter. In art even an indifferent painting can look good if it's well mounted and framed. Poetry, it seems to me, is much the same when it comes to meter. Having said that, ensuring metre is not as easy as it seems and not many poets attempt it. Also it is, of couse, an important part of the armoury of performance poetry.

                    I don't always write in meter - I do like to write in the many classical forms and have developed several of my own. The trouble for me is that art is my main 'occupation' and these days I tend to stick to short humerous pieces as time is in short supply.

                    I do have one difficulty - being a tad obsessed by meter I find myself getting impatient with the poetry of others - I want to change the words round to get that elusive flow that is meter.

                    • Robert Southwick Richmond

                      Yes, we know it's Art with a capital A when we see the frame. That's why I'm interested in utilitarian uses of poetry, to reimagine the frame. The frame for poetry today is the MFA program in The English Department, locked into the amorphous frame of "confessional" free verse.

                      I don't always write in meter either, but when I write free verse I fancy you can tell I served my apprenticeship in meter.

                      I greatly regret I never had the opportunity to learn to draw. My daughter (who emigrated to France many years ago) just married an Australian cartoonist who swears he can teach me to draw. I just hope I live long enough (I'm 81) to spend some time with him.

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