Michael Edwards





Sparkling in the sun

Breezes across still waters

Flowing wisps of hair.


  • orchidee

    Good write and pic M. Just enough Berles in it.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks O - Cob Berles is in trouble with Sylla for talking rubbish.

    • Goldfinch60

      A 5-7-5 eh Michael? A good one.

      Love the artwork.


      • Michael Edwards

        Yes the 575 format - I hesitate to call this form a haiku or a senryu as purists will say it doesn't follow the rules or even that it is a cross between the two. But who cares? It's simply a form I love in which you can get ideas and thoughts eloquently in three short succint statements. I don't care for 575s where the three lines run into each other - I do prefer them to be three seperate staements in their own right but which follow a theme in logical sequence. Not always as easy to write as it at first seems.

        pleased you like the artwork - this was another experiment in that I used rough cold pressed watercolour paper. I think I do prefer hot pressed for this kind of work but need to order some more .

      • Poetic Dan

        What you've seen the sun! Can you send it down south when you are done...

        Great art work as ever my friend!

        • Michael Edwards

          Gee thanks Dan - appreciate your calling by.

        • L. B. Mek

          when I marry the imagery of your words to your artwork:
          I sense the Sun shining from East to West highlighting your chosen focus
          capturing vividly effervescent: one of life's nuggets of subtle brilliance,
          within that sunbeam
          dance 'wisps' of 'her' unruly hair, serenading your eyes with their vivacious musicality of all-things gaiety, in the now cherished: so meaningfully dearly...
          sorry Michael, I got all tangled-up in my own interpretation, lol
          still, what a beautiful offering you've chosen to brighten this dreary start to a new year with my friend,

          • Michael Edwards

            Well I love your tangle - thanks for your oh so encouraging response.

          • dusk arising

            contented alone
            he sat upon the throne
            thunder resounded

            An "ME-enry-oo" .

            • Michael Edwards

              Contented alone
              he sat on the throne
              thunder resounded
              he sat there astounded
              at what he'd created
              until it abated.

              A joint creation. Might even post it?

              • dusk arising

                That tale related
                was jointly created
                egos inflated

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              • Jerry Reynolds

                A phrase and a fragment straightforward language uncomplicated images
                a mention of nature. That's a Haiku pal and a good one.

                • Michael Edwards

                  It's whatever you want to call it - thanks Jerry.

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