Michael Edwards




Keeping your distance

A brief touch of the elbows

A covid welcome.


  • Goldfinch60

    It is so sad that touching is not allowed, even a simple handshake is missed by me.

    Ah, back to the artwork I know and love.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - this painting is of Bradgate Park in Leicestershire - done as a commission for a dentists practice.

    • orchidee

      Good write and pic M.
      Miss B do fist-bumps?!

      • Michael Edwards

        She does bum bumps

        • orchidee

          Has she thunder thighs?!

        • L. B. Mek

          indeed, an insightful write Michael,
          personally, I think I have perfected the best system for receiving package deliveries:
          throw down the rope from my ground floor window and wave 'warmly' with my full hazmat suit zipped-up tight,
          then put on my oven mitts, spray it all with 99% killing antibacterial acid, hoping all the time that 1%: doesn't get me at night...
          'oh those horror few seconds - we brave, between a cough and our thermometer results of fate...' lol
          (ignore me, I was just having a little fun in my scribbled reply my friend)

          • Michael Edwards

            You could use a long handled snow shovel and marigolds.🤨🤨

          • Jerry Reynolds

            Good write and fine water color.

          • dusk arising

            A facemasked greeting
            conceals a smile or grimace
            secrets of lockdown

            • Michael Edwards

              Being stuck indoors seems more like lock-up to me.

            • Fay Slimm.

              I fear not masking the grin this read left as I tried that elbow-touch and missed my distance - - .great artwork again Michael.

              • Michael Edwards

                Bless you Fay - thank you - keep smiling.

              • Robert Southwick Richmond

                Let's hope that, with the coming of the vaccine, that Covid (should be capitalized) will become the kigo (season-word) of this haiku. A colon mark after elbows would represent the kireji.

                • Michael Edwards

                  As I've written it I don't agree that the common noun covid should be capitalised nor would I want to use a colon - each line is a seperate statement in its own right hence the capitals at the start of each line which is, to my mind, more elegant and is the format I prefer - that's why I never classify my 575s as haiku.
                  To me the joy of poetry is to write something which reads well. I find if I try to observe the strict dictat of the Japanese forms I find they don't translate well into the English language.

                  • Robert Southwick Richmond

                    With my background, you'll understand why I do biological nomenclature "by the book". The name Covid-19 is the WHO name for the disease.

                    I like the colon in a haiku as a substitute for the kireji ("cut-word"). I rarely write haiku, but when I do I call them haiku and try to follow the Japanese rules. But I'm used to engaging poetry in foreign languages - right now I'm learning to read Paul Celan in German, a language I read well.

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