cry baby

i used to get called a cry baby

so i trained my eyes to decieve

now im older and better at lying

covered in cracks that are never seen


i know i should let my guard down

but ive forgotten how to cry

because lifes always treated me kinder

when ive hidden my tears with a lie


and maybe im just scared 

that if the floodgates are unlatched 

the waters ive been damming

wont ever want to go back


  • dusk arising

    There's a lot of poets know exactly where this poem comes from. Some of us only ever show the 'soft' side quietly on here in poetry. Me.... I'm a big old softy, it's all laid bare in my post here. But there was a time when it was quite different. Writing poetry changed that for me...slowly.
    Keep writing (wink wink).

  • Poetic Dan

    Thank you for this...

  • Goldfinch60

    Like d a, I have become a 'big old softy' with age. Mind you I have always been emotional but at my age now I do not try to hide it and it brings such a great relief to me.


  • L. B. Mek

    rare to read such insightful words delivered so refreshingly raw, if you can glean such empowering self-realisations from your introspective efforts, it would suggest you have enough in your foundation of accumulated self-worth to withstand whatever pain you keep hidden away,
    just be sure to grip that tap tightly when you are are ready to face them: insure you let them out in manageable drips and try to Remain in control, trust in the help of those you deem worthy - if need be,
    but sadly, eventually you will need to face them: before you can move-on and experience life - free, of their restrictive inhibitions...
    (just my two cents worth, discard and disregard if you disagree),
    thanks for sharing

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