Michael Edwards





Married fifty years and so

for lunch this was the place to go

to make our happy day complete

the tastiest food that one could eat,

but fart-arsed portions, I’m afraid,

were served despite the price we paid.

Back home and hungry licking lips,

off we went for fish and chips.



  • Goldfinch60

    I have been to a place like that. The last company that I worked for did a Christmas 'do' every year where we to a hotel one Friday before Christmas, had a meal, drank to odd half of shandy and stayed the night, all payed for by the company. One hotel we went to served the meal and on this large plate there was all the food in an area that had a bout a two inch circumference - fine dining was the expression - we were not impressed.

    Good words Michael


    • Michael Edwards

      We are not big eaters and although the food was superb the experience was so dissapointing - we're pleased we went but we won't be going back.

    • orchidee

      Good write and pic M. Oohhh, they knew what to do - they were trying to save people from obesity. No chance of getting fat on their portions?!
      Miss Berles eat much? Bit of German there in the title?

      • Michael Edwards

        Miss Berles got an Indian take away - she's not into pretentious foods.

      • orchidee

        You had lunch yet, thinking of restaurants?!

        • Michael Edwards

          We've had a snack for lunch - Dinner will be substantial. Miss Berles approves.

        • dusk arising

          Firstly, you picture. It brought to mind the magician sawing up a lady into several parts, but when they were put together again .. well... there was a fly in the ointment (thoughts of that film 'the fly' there).

          Oh so true of modern snooty cuisine 'looks good, tastes good, where's the rest of it?'

          • Michael Edwards

            Like the analogy of the lady - not very ladylike image though. I laugh at the way so-called 'chefs' spend much effort into preparing, for example, a joux, and 'drizzle' it on the plate in such paltry amounts that you can't really appreciate it - dafts I calls it!

          • mohangupta.suresh@gmail.com

            the numbers on the "check" are longer than the portions on the plate. Yet we can't help ourselves, for the food is so darn good.

            Do you think, they think, that if we had too much, they may loose a repeat customer?

            Great color coordination

            • Michael Edwards

              Not enough on the plate to cause us to repeat it - burrrrp !!


            • FredPeyer

              Like the French in your title, goes well with 'French' food. Here is what you do if you want a 'hearty' meal: Stop at a restaurant with lots of trucks outside. The food is usually good, lots of it, and not expensive!!!

              • Michael Edwards

                Believe it or not that is the name of the restaurant - it's quite an institution here in the UK - run by Chef raymond Blanc and grows all its own vegetables in its own grounds and diners are invited to walk round the grounds after dining. Perhaps they should grow more and increase plate sizes. lol

              • Doggerel Dave

                Oh, come now Michael - 'Less is more' don't you know?
                Me, I still recommend (my plebeian roots) baked beans on toast, lashings of tomato sauce and a cuppa tea.
                BTW he didn't take the above dictum to heart when he named his cafe, did he?
                Great abstract work there. A triptych really?

                • Michael Edwards

                  Sorry Dave - just catching up. No that's some name for a restaurant. I'm a lover of fried bread - not healthy but oh so good with the beans.

                  • Doggerel Dave

                    So you are catching up, Michael... Thought you had gone bush (no, that can't be right in merrie England) Thought you had gone out after a long stretch of confinement, and couldn't find your way home.... :-)

                  • L. B. Mek

                    firstly Raymond Blanc is one of the most charismatic chefs I have ever come across,
                    second, do not go to Michelin starred restaurants for a meal, it's to be treated as 'gastronomy experience' (the 'parading' Art of starving one's belly),
                    most importantly: congratulations, on your anniversary!
                    ain't noti'n rong wid goin 2 da fish'n'chipies 4 som propr grub...

                    • Michael Edwards

                      Yes RB is certainly charismatic. Even more so, Paul Bocuse (sadly no longer with us) who came to our table when we visited his restaurant in Lyons many years ago now - and we came away well sated !!

                    • Andrew Charles Forrest

                      Excellent Michael

                      Memories of my first date with Margie waited month for a spot at the hottest seat it town, when with one glance at the menu she declared "I don't fancy anything here, can we go to a pub"?
                      'twas then I knew she was the girl for me...

                      Thanks Michael and congrats on the 50 years,,, must be love... by now?

                      • Michael Edwards

                        Sure is love - we've actually reached 55 years now but 55 didn't work right in the poem (spoilt the meter). Margie sounds like a dream girl. Thanks for looking in.

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