What Women Want… or don’t want, you figure it out

Women want a man 

who can read their thoughts.

A man who knows what she wants for dinner

without her having to tell him.


Women want a man who will recreate 50 Shades of Grey, 

but not to the point of abuse.

A man who will share his feelings, 

but not to the point of being a winey baby. 


A man who has money to spend 

and can spend it on her, 

but not cocky and arrogant when doing so.

Women want others to know she is this mans,

but not this man’s property.


  • dusk arising

    I'm sure you speak for all women.....

    • AlitaOpal

      Er.. not this woman 😂

      • dusk arising

        It was rhetorical.

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      • FredPeyer

        Well said, M.E.M., and we men are still running around in the dark, having no clue!

      • Doggerel Dave

        Doing the best we can - some of us.
        You remark that your poems are 'silly' .That's wrong - they're funny, yes, not silly.

      • Goldfinch60

        Good words MEM..


      • orchidee

        Well, no, it didn't get 'hot' or saucy in this poem, so no need for an 18+.
        But what do I know about hot poems?! lol.

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