Michael Edwards




(With a nod to the Haibun format: a short prose with a juxtaposing Haiku)



 Buds slowly wake in the muted sun of early dawn; they

splash the barren branches with shades of parsley green.

The nodding heads of snowdrops line the slopes to the

sylvan pool where croaking frogs peer out, wide eyed, from

the still water. The trickle of a distant brook, once the

only sound in winter’s embrace, is now accompanied

by the chorus of a thousand birds declaring territories

and serenading partners. The magic of nature is

all around us: a legacy to be nurtured and preserved.




A changing climate

Compromising habitat

Species endangered




  • Doggerel Dave

    Got to confess (haven’t been paying attention?) that I retreated to Google to find out what haibun was all about. The words ‘descriptive, sparse poetic imagery’ leaped out. You got that right – nature poetry accessible to me. Plus haiku with just the right message. Ta.

    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Dave - I have to thank Jerry for introducing me to this form - I'm quite addicted to it now.

    • orchidee

      Good write and pic M.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Your beautifully prosed Spring makes me look even more forward to its bird-chorus - a super write Michael - love the juxtaposed haiku too.

    • dusk arising

      Bring on that springtime glow.

      • Michael Edwards

        Bring on the warmth and an end to my Cold Induced Urticaria and no more steroids until next winter.

        • dusk arising

          I used to have that on the walls in my living room.... hang on ... oops, no sorry anaglypta.

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        • Goldfinch60

          The magic of Nature is always around us Michael and your words highlight it.

          Absolutely cracking artwork.

        • mohangupta.suresh@gmail.com

          To us, human, on top of the food chain, nature is truly awesome. Every drip of ice melting, every chirp of a chick awakes a certain emotion within us. If we can only learn to hold on to it , for nature already has a lot to deal with, every day.
          Maybe, people reading your words will awaken to it.

          • Michael Edwards

            Let us hope so - many thanks for your kind words.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            I see Eddy the Easel is still going strong.nice one.
            Don't like winter. My orbs get cold.
            Love the spring, everything pops into life.
            Looking foreward, hopefully to some coastal trips in the summer.
            You and yours stay safe.

            • Michael Edwards

              I used to called Eddy The Legal Beagle at work. But I do like Eddy the Easel - might use that as a username.

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