What's The Point?


What's the point of trying when you don't

really care? I only do things, lately it seems,

for the sake of doing them. Like a

robot who is told what to do; pick up this,

clean that, then shut down. Persuaded to 

do what is considered right, wise, smart,

expected. What would happen if I didn't?

Not caring enough to find out, I choose

the easier (actually harder) and better

(is it though?) option, waiting for it to

suddenly matter.

  • Author: Merissa (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 25th, 2021 13:57
  • Comment from author about the poem: Another assignment
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 28
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  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good write, Merissa. Like the comma after "write" I leave it out and Grammarly breaks my chops until I put it in.

  • Doggerel Dave

    I'ts hard not to give advice when you confront with a poem like that.....However, it was an assignment, so what was the task? Would give context.
    For J and you: please reconsider, as poets, the use of a grammar checker......

    • Merissa

      Hey! What if I use grammar incorrectly on purpose? Lmao. Nah, I just suck at punctuation. Anyways, we're going over different styles and genres of poetry in class atm. For this poem I was told to start with a question that I think a lot about and then write the rest of the poem based on that question.

      • Merissa

        That's why most of my poems don't have punctuation at all. Lol

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      • dusk arising

        So long as you maintain freedom of choice!

      • Goldfinch60

        Clever write Merissa, you have done your assignment proud.


      • L. B. Mek

        thought provoking write, at its core rests that question all of humanity has been grappling with since we first found a way to protect ourselves and fear (or Amygdala) was no longer the driving force in our experience of existence, namely
        'what is the meaning 'to' our lives'...
        so far, we only have partial answers to offer your generation,
        faith: gives that prerequisite essential solace we require but is impractical as a tool to unmasking the true nature of anything, from an objective mindset..
        science: (or philosophy before its name change), spent too much time answering the materialistic infrastructure of 'how' - in all things theoretically conceivable,
        while ignoring the fundamental mysticism within the 'why' in all of existence..
        so yes asking and demanding a tangible answer to why must we do anything is an essential element within that roadmap to finding out those underlying true questions,
        why am I not satisfied?
        how can I become satisfied?
        well, sadly I can only share my limited intellect's interpretation to what answers I have gleaned: that is,
        the search for answers itself is kinda fun.. 'if' - you approach the question with an open mind and no timeframe or pre-set requirements to what answers you 'may' come across...
        in short, do your chores, ask questions and follow leads, find what you like, stay true to yourself and soon, you'll realise: this is life!
        enjoy it! as best as you can, for within each blink - you give birth to that past, you can never get back...
        (thank you for inspiring my rambling reply, forgive my overzealous nature and overtly lengthy response,
        hubris eh? how it never fails to manifest and corrupt, lol)

      • FredPeyer

        Oh man, Merissa, that is kind of a Pandora's box. Do we care about ourselves, our lives, or do we not. Waiting for something we don't care about to suddenly matter? Is life 90% drudgery and only 10% fun? How can we reverse these numbers? You opened up a lot more questions than there are answers. At least you made me think.

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