Cease to Exist

Why does the repetition of a word

make the word cease to exist?


Spoon, spoon, spoon.

Is spoon still a word?

What about dog

dog, dog, dog…


What part of the brain collects words

then tosses them out when they are relentlessly repeated over and over?

Is it even the brain that does this?


Could it be my conscience that decides?

Or is it my soul that declared spoon no longer a word

after I kept repeating it and repeating it?


What about names?

Will the name Sam just become three letters

placed in the order S-A-M?

Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam.


Can object words cease to existence as fast as name words?

Spoon, spoon, spoon

Sam, Sam, Sam

What separates a word echoed from the rest?


  • Goldfinch60

    The silence between each word separates them and then each words becomes an individual.


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