White Pawn

Born white printer paper

with red ink printed on me.

White, noticeable indisputably white.


Fair parents and fair family.

Blonde hair and blue eyes

Unmistakably white.


Public school with all colors of the rainbow

To private with white, white on white, and off white.

Don’t forget that one brown or one black.

But mostly white.


Life-long friends turn to enemies

if you don’t continue to play with them.

My bubble shrunk and I no longer lived among a rainbow.

There’s bleached, alabaster, ivory, pasty, milky, Caucasian.


Because I was whitewashed by opportunity and privilege handed to me

I lost the ability to communicate with my best friend.

She would speak, but I would not understand.


  • Goldfinch60

    Intriguing words MEM.


  • L. B. Mek

    how venerable you've made yourself in sharing such crippling self-realisation, though
    the mere act of gleaning this much wisdom out of life, shows you may have always been on the right track,
    just waiting for that opportunistic train to help you demonstrate your true worth..
    this is a profound write, I like how you recognise and acknowledge, taking accountability, but quite rightly not offering meaningless apologies for a situation you never had too much control over,
    it is a rare person that can swim - back, against the flow of their lives current and set an example for us all to follow,
    thank you for sharing this brave write dear poet (whether literal or abstract)

    • M.E.M.

      Thank you so much for— just thank you🥲

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