Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

Because it wasn’t going to just stand there.

To go back would be to resign her life to the chopping block.

To cross the road would give her a 99.99% chance of death

0.01% chance of survival.

She shouldn’t have cross that road.


Eight lanes of cars going break neck speed.

The chicken’s neck would break.

She’s suicidal that’s what she is.

To cross four lanes of cars going one way

Then the median to cross,

Four lanes going the other way.


Dumb little chicken,

thinks she can survive.

What an idiot she is for even trying!

Turn your little feathered butt around and

Make your way back to the farm.


At least then you’ll know

You have a few more days to live

before you get your neck wrung by the farmer,

feather plucked out by the farmer’s wife,

and flesh eaten by the farmer’s children.


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Anywhere else is better than here.
    Good write, M.E.M.

  • Doggerel Dave

    Don't keep me in suspenders - did she or didn't she? Good beginning, expansive middle; now what about an ending? 🙂
    You've made it clear to me why I'm a veggo.

  • Goldfinch60

    We may never know, like many things in life we may always take that chance to move on.


  • L. B. Mek

    ok, so much deeper than those first three stanza's lull us readers into pre-emptively judging, insuring that final stanza's twist, maximises its impact,
    an interesting format, that I'm sure can be perfected over time into a unique style for poignant write's that surprise your readers into alert awareness for the subject matter you want to highlight..
    really well thought-out and executed,
    thanks for bringing up such an important topic of moral and social ambiguity in our treatment of nature's - (fellow), children

  • dusk arising

    Not destined to the destiny someone else plans for us..... parent?.... tutor?.... employer? NO! .. strike out and take it as it comes.... that way you'll have a life to look back on and be able to song along with Frank "I did it my way" lol

    Enjoyed reading your post very much.

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