dusk arising

thoughts on time (revisited)



time is a measure
lovers use to pleasure
time is a tool
creates sage from fool
time is aloof
thief of  our youth

.                         time is tight - so it's said
but time has a magic
faced with the tragic
.                           time puts heartache to bed

time to show the bleeding heart of a poet
time to publish...  let the world know it
time to comment
on fellow writers lament
time to relate
the path of our fate

time to sleep into our life of dreams
casting off we bathe in fantasies streams
time to wake fresh for the day
time will control us seems to work that way
time on a wrist, time on a face
time even goes backwards for travellers in space
time to live, time to die
time for the question perpetually 'why'

time has come to ask once again
will we ever see time of peace to all men


  • orchidee

    Good write dusk.

  • Michael Edwards

    I thought you'd be there with her in the bath.

    • dusk arising

      When i get in a bath i want it to myself lol.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Such an apt question on time in that final line Dusk - - peace is needed more each day for this troubled world and you make your case clear - - loved the notion that your Muse takes a bath - - mine I swear must do the same sometimes.

      • dusk arising

        My muse is all over the place at the moment, I probably need a period of silence to sort me/it/her out.

      • Jerry Reynolds

        Timely write, Dusk.

        • dusk arising

          It was a second choice. Thanks Jerry.

        • Goldfinch60

          That peace will come to us all in time d a, we just have to remain patient.


          • dusk arising

            Yes, the final 'peace' will bring with it so many pleasant answers I hope.

          • L. B. Mek

            insightful questions and in a sense, they're all timeless..
            hopefully that may also mean, when we find their answers, we can cultivate that endless peace, we all crave..
            a good read Dusk, wonderful flow

            • dusk arising

              Like my words to Goldfinch above, that final peace will give us many answers.

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