Michael Edwards






(The second in 575 senryu format)




In promoting equality’s fight

a programme of  music and song

included a hot gospel choir

with not a white face in sight.



Small ‘a’ – atheists

But upper case ‘C’ - Christians




  • Goldfinch60

    Since I have given up on christianity I always use a lower case c.

    Aah, back to the original art style that I know, lovely picture Michael and love the way that you have created the brickwork on the wall.


    • Michael Edwards

      Thanks Andy - the painting led to two more commissions currentlt under way.

    • orchidee

      Good writes and pic M.
      You been round our way? There's a church like that with a wall about 5 miles from us.
      Erm, the 'C' is for the name of a person, Christ. The 'a' does not refer to any particular person. That's my reason - or excuse?!

    • L. B. Mek

      somehow, despite all this progressive mindsets of modernity
      there is an undeniable legacy of unifying tranquil solace
      within empty church buildings
      that sadly, those who utilise them: tend to ignore...
      a tranquillity captured ever-so subtly in your artwork, I feel Michael
      a great offering on a bright sunny morning, grounding
      that tinge of instinctive delusional euphoria that invades
      at a mere hopeful glimpse of vitamin D, nurturing

      • Michael Edwards

        You put it so succinctly my friend.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Go for it Michael. I'll wear the 'a' I think, so long as it isn't banned - then I would have trouble with the labels 'atheist' and 'agnostic' which I firmly wear myself... (As an aside here I would offer that the 'C' in this context has been attached to those who believe that jc is the son of that big bloke allegedly in the sky, so deserves downgrading, while the 'a' will always belong with those who suggest that he was a political figure, possibly a political activist and freedom fighter).
        I'd just like to add - a good write and great picture...

        • Michael Edwards

          I'm with you Dave - tis a subject which will always rage.

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Love the artwork, love the building but not what it stands for. The older I get the more I believe there is no God.
          Sadly, my brain does not allow me to understand what you have written.
          Black is black and white is white but in my world when it comes to humans I don't see colour, I see people.
          Is that what you mean?

          • Michael Edwards

            The programme was about how we should integrate and all work together side by side and then it featured this group. I just saw the irony of it which made me smile - it has no meaning beyond that.

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              Thanks for that, Have a great weekend.

            • dusk arising

              Equality being a two edged sword.

            • jarcher54

              Like OAP , I am a little unsure what you mean... then I slap myself and remind me that a poem should not mean, but be.

              • Michael Edwards

                I've just responded to Bill (OAP) which I hope answers the point - cheers J.

                • jarcher54

                  Hmmm... do I really want to spoil the mystery?

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