What's Best For Her, But I Still Want More

For years, I’ve thought it’s been love, but I’ll never be more than her friend

But that’s alright by me, because to every need, desire and request she makes known to me, I will attend

When hardships have invaded her life, she has talked to me, and her heart, I have tried to mend

She’s strong enough to not need me, but she’s never hesitated to still on me at times depend


It may not be all I want, but it is all I require

She will have everything she needs, that is what is important as to what I desire

She turns to me when she needs someone to talk to, when she needs help, that is enough for me to aspire

Even so, thinking about it sometimes puts my head on fire


It has made me feel confused before

I just wish I could feel what she feels so I could be at peace as to why she does not want more

Would knowing, would feeling, make my heart any less sore?

Damned be it, regardless, there is still nothing, her, I would not do for


I don’t feel like I deserve more by anything I’ve done

Yet, can she not to me for anything run?

But it’s enough that she does, doing everything I can to take care of her is enough to make me feel like I’ve won

But at the same time, I haven’t scored number one


All I need, is for her to be alright

And I’m content knowing she will be, because she turns to me to help her fight

When she needs the help in any plight

But I want more, and this confused desire is still keeping me awake tonight


  • Doggerel Dave

    Lust unrequited is something everyone experiences sometime or other - hard luck!
    So if you can't resolve this through talking it through - which will probably result in the realisation that you should move on, then move on anyway. BTW your social circle ideally can consist of both good friends and lovers.
    All this must not lead to the assumption that I did not enjoy your poem - I did!

  • Goldfinch60

    Sometimes good friends are just that, good friends, and they are so important in our lives.


    • JWKP98

      Without doubt! And I'm very thankful for our friendship.

    • L. B. Mek

      a great read of worded legitimacy to the sincerity of unrequited love, if it be born of natural attraction and wholesome appreciation, there is a directness in your wording - showcasing bravery in your unflinching transparency..
      personally, I have experienced all three sides of that 'unrequited' coin,
      have had friendship evolve into more, albeit frustratingly - gradually..
      have had to accept that my feelings would never be reciprocated and force myself to move away from the person I had feelings for - because being so close and yet so far, was effecting the rest of my life negatively..
      and lastly I have managed to get over my feelings - eventually, while sustaining a friendship with the person I once had feelings for..
      I think Doggerel Dave's comment/advice is spot on: it is indeed a 'hard luck' or frustrating situation but not uncommon and you can definitely change your social circles and if possible, maintain that friendship while continuing your search for a significant other..
      thanks for sharing and good luck
      'hope for the best
      but be prepared, to accept
      the dice of fate
      wherever, it may rest'

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