Michael Edwards







In Scotland the leader:  Nicola Sturgeon

(a primitive fish with bony plates)

is seeking Scotlands division

giving rise to divisive debates


In London Cameron is lobbying

the ministers one and all

seeking a contract embodying

the rebuild of Hadrians wall.


  • Doggerel Dave

    Picture up to usual standard, Michael (cheeky!).
    Politics a bit lost on me:
    First stanza - Scotland seeking to leave the UK?
    Second Stanza...Cameron the bloke who started the Brexit thing? Hadrian's wall - irony?
    It will probably spoil it if you explain, so just give me my score - 2 out of 10?

    • Michael Edwards

      Very tongue in cheek but in a nutshell:

      First Stanza - yes - seeking to leave the UK to become independent and seeking the to join the EU instead - oh the irony.

      Second stanza - Cameron is currently under scrutiny for abusing his position by lobbying Ministers to promote his own commercial interests. Hadrians Wall built AD122 by the Romans to keep out the marauding Northern (predominantly Scottish) tribes.

      I'd make it 5 out of ten.

      • Doggerel Dave

        That's a pass mark! Thank's Michael. And a real catch up on the doings the other side of the world.
        Even if I lost I'd put my money on the Scots.
        PS: There's nothing wrong with divisive debates - it is the manner of their conduct which is crucial.

      • dusk arising

        Love that picture Michael. Parts of it remind me of what comes out of my belly button on it's annual clear out day.
        Cameron is the typical MP (or was) the epitome of a grey characterless stuffed suit. More so than Mr "Green shoots of recovery" Major himself. Sturgeon on the other hand is a firebrand in anyones book..... cor! what it would be like to have a leader like her.

        • Michael Edwards

          Sturgeon for PM? She'd want independence for England 🥴🥴

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Not too keen on these sort of pickys, love your other art though, you ever considered a seascape with a lovely square rigger?, in your style of course.
          Politics? Nah, can't be doin with it.
          You had your second jab yet? Still waiting for mine.
          Keep on at it.

          • Michael Edwards

            Second jab due in a weeks time. Don't really do seascapes but having said that I'm currently working on a commission of Lauries bay in South Africa. Funny how different art forms aooeal to different people. Keep well Bill.

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              Thanks for that, I've heard nothing for my second, but my wife, 5 years younger than I am has her second appointment. Perhaps it's time to start rattling cages.
              Keep on rocking, Bill.

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            • Goldfinch60

              Don't trust any politicians but Sturgeon is more believable than most.
              Wonderful are work Michael, much to visualise in it.


            • L. B. Mek

              liking how complex this artwork style is evolving into Michael, I remember a few months ago when you first started it was but a few lines and angles, now its full of discreet details, creating their own 'realms within realms', wonderful that you choose to share your journey of creative discovery with us, I find it inspirational even if most of its nuanced subtlety flies above my uncultured head, lol
              liked the historical context included in your commentary as well
              MP's corrupt - how morosely predictable
              no wonder the British public just votes for the opposite of what our politicians want nowadays;
              hello to a future of more Boris-like caricature leaders, with their hands on that red button of our collective fates...

            • Neville

              very timely and likewise apt .. that's the truth and a matter of fact ..

              a great bit of art too sir ........... Neville

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