upon Burleigh common

dusk arising



Tonight i sat till
long after sunset
and watched,
listened and inhaled,
as our world
shut down for the night.
Out of the darkness
to accompany the
blackbird  serenade,
crept the wonders
of the universe
into the night sky.
All around, everything,
humbling me, my speck
of irrelevant existence.
Here, on the high
common land
above Burleigh
I bid myself become
as a twig, silent,
upon the ground,
Enchanted by the night.
Long after houselights
were doused
the spirit of the land
awoke around me.
I felt included,
I had become
totally passive.
Around me in the
apparent stillness
sounds reached my ears.
Commonland cattle,
scurry of unseen smallness
and the trees faint windsail
and creaking.
Two owl calling out.
And my breathing.
How can it be that
I feel so alive,
so at one with the
vastness of the universe.
Me, out of place
yet accepting my place
in this sphere.
Feeling accepted,
welcomed to
respect the night.
The peace eventually
disturbed by a sudden arrival,
a merryment of humanity.
I looked to the stars,
gave silent 'thank you'
for my existence and
departed to re-enter
what has long become
the 'norm' of humanity's
separate existence.


  • Kevin Michael Bloor

    A beautiful reflective poem. (Love the title and structure, by the way) Very atmospheric and moving. My fave bit: 'my speck
    of irrelevant existence.' A touching description of how we feel sometimes, in the presence of this vast universe. Great job. Well done.

    • dusk arising

      Thank you Kevin. Yes I have often found that feeling of insignificance when aware of the presence of things like crashing waves, clear skies, majestic trees and landscapes. For me such times bring my troubles and worries into a new, perhaps more realistic, perspective.

    • L. B. Mek

      wonderful to read, better yet: if felt
      by those with the capacity to connect
      words to those tethered memories
      they invoke, within us all..
      a holistic journey within words, thanks Dusk

      • dusk arising

        Thank you LBM. Now, after so long in shielding and lockdown, I feel, more than ever the need to 'connect' with my inner spirituality in the presence of the mighty forces of universe and our natural partnership with planet Earth, our true home.

      • orchidee

        Good write dusk.

      • Neville

        Everything .. and I do mean every single thing about your page here smacks of quality ..

        Beautifully entitled 'Upon Burleigh Common' has got to be a personal fave ................................ Neville

        • dusk arising

          Painting a picture from my minds eye, but i do know the place so well. Thanks a great deal for your comments Neville which encourage and spur me on into more confidence with my outpourings.

        • Michael Edwards

          Hey there duskiness - a real treat to come back to after my absence from MPS

          • dusk arising

            Good to see you back and I trust you are making hay (loadsa dosh) with your brush strokes.

            • Michael Edwards

              I'm sure wielding the brush more so than I have for a long time.

            • Goldfinch60

              I don't say this very often but this one is going into my favourites.

              I can totally agree with all your wonderful words written.


              • dusk arising

                I'm honoured to be among your Fav's here Goldie. I'm really pleased you found this one noteworthy. Thank you.

              • Fay Slimm.

                I am speechless after reading these lines on the experience of spiritual awakening - - - I shall have your honest words in my favourites to read whenever I feel the need of an uplift - - thank you dear friend.

                • dusk arising

                  I wrote this after reading your poem 'unreal' which truly inspired me. Burleigh common is across the valley south of Stroud where i lived for a short time with my parents. Sunday mornings, dad and me would take the dog for a jaunt there and occasionally score wild mushrooms. I know the place well enough to let my mind wonder what a night on the common would be like. Having written it I do intend to find out this summer. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this one especially since your words were it's inspiration. Again I'm honoured to have this placed among the favs of a poet i respect so.

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