Alone with You

Beyond all this, before I go.

I want to be alone with you.


If you could just stay like this.

Stay with me just a little while longer.

Your presence chases my loneliness away.


Don’t talk, let us just be together

alone with each other.


With you against my chest

I don’t feel so alone.


Your heart beats through me

reminding my heart, that it’s not alone.

Soon they beat in sync,

and that synchronicity fills me with love.


Your breaths tickle the hairs on my arms

while your eyes flutter from a dream.


Your presence in my life is strong.

I am a better woman with you in it.


When I am alone I am left with my thoughts.

Thoughts of doubt and self-loathing that

swirl around in my mind.


But you mend me when you lay by my side.

Beyond all this, nothing else needs to exist.


  • Accidental Poet

    Let the loneliness be replaced with contentment by whatever means necessary. Beautiful write MEM ; )

  • Doggerel Dave

    Your usual 'comments welcome' missing here - why? Are comments drying up? If so this may be because you don't respond to these comments and so there's no dialogue, something MPS works better with. (I could possibly put this more tactfully, but I do mean well!)
    Smooth piece of work with a close relationship clearly elaborated; you have, as you record, taken your time over this. That kind of effort should have just recognition.

    • M.E.M.

      I hasn’t noticed I forgotten. That’s for the reminder

      • Doggerel Dave

        Fank yoo fer a reponse

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      • Goldfinch60

        May that togetherness never end MEM, your life will be wonderful.


      • L. B. Mek

        wonderful words, conveying an important message
        thanks for choosing to share!
        (utilise MPS as you wish to, dear poet
        what's optimal for other's
        doesn't necessarily have to be optimal for you,
        I find those who have been here for years
        have helped nurture an inclusive community
        for the appreciation of poetry on this site, a rarity;
        we should appreciate: while it lasts...
        participation in comments and everything else
        has never been a mandatory requirement
        at least for me, just simply adds to the experience
        should you choose to participate: willingly - eventually)

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