Day by Day

My calendar might say Sunday

but my week starts on Monday.

I trudge through Tuesday

Numb until I reach Wednesday

and I know I just need to survive Thursday

so I can make it to Friday!


I have no classes on Friday

so I can relax until Sunday.

I can’t wait for classes to be over on Thursdays,

and unlike everyone else, I don’t hate Mondays.

But I also don’t get all excited for Wednesday.

The day I do hate is Tuesday.


I’ve lost all energy by Tuesday.

That’s why I can’t wait until Friday

where I get to recharge like I do Wednesdays.

I try to not move on Sundays

to save my energy for Mondays.

I’m running on empty again by Thursday.


The only good thing about Thursday

is that it is not Tuesday

and farther away from Monday.

It’s worth dealing with when the next day is Friday.

This means the weekend, and lazy Sundays.

Lazy days beat hump-day Wednesdays.


Don’t get me wrong, Wednesdays

are fun and all, and better than Thursdays,

but they aren’t as fun as lazy Sundays.

I wish there were less Tuesdays

and more days like Friday.

Where I can feel as refreshed as morning Mondays.


Alas, this cannot be so. For every day is as special as Monday.

There can only be one recharge Wednesdays.

There cannot be more than one Friday

or else there would be no reason to get excited on Thursdays.

I need that one day I can hate on which is Tuesday.

And that one day to not lift a finger called Lazy Sundays.


I like the week as it is with refreshing Mondays and exciting Thursdays

With recharge Wednesdays after grueling Tuesdays.

Then I get to have fun Fridays, and blur past Saturdays to lazy Sundays.


  • Goldfinch60

    You do know that Friday is poets day.

    Push Off Early Tomorrows Saturday.


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