Michael Edwards






They entered the wars without our consent,

wars that never contributed to peace and freedom.

Do we owe them our support?

They joined the forces of their own free will

 knowing the potential outcomes

for themselves

 for others.

Could we live with our conscience if we ignored them?

Do we owe them our support?


  • Saxon Crow

    Ooooo...... You're opening a can of worms there Mike. I like it.
    Good strong poem.

    • Michael Edwards

      Yes I know - I'm not offering it as my own opinion (which it isn't) but putting forward a sort of Devil's Advocate position just to make us think.

      • Saxon Crow

        It will certainly stimulate debate, poet

      • Fay Slimm.

        Powerful thoughts here Mike - - the penultimate line hits the hardest methinks - - have read it slowly over again and my answer to that question has to be a strong NO - - so good to see you back posting my friend.

      • Goldfinch60

        Strong words here Michael and questions to be pondered over time as there seems to be no answer that you or I could come up with that would be taken on by those in power.


        • Michael Edwards

          But they never learn do they? Thanks Andy.

        • Goldfinch60

          Another artwork that gives me many thoughts within it Michael - thank you.


        • orchidee

          A useful write M.
          You seen Miss Berles lately?!

        • dusk arising

          Before stepping outside your own front door it is prudent to ensure all at home is well...... nuff said?

          Nice to see you here again busy boy.

        • Jerry Reynolds

          Fine write, Michel. I love dogs that "Won't Fetch." As a suggestion in your title end with the word "COMPLEX" and think of it as a title for an Anthology. It's that good.

        • Doggerel Dave

          Why be a Devil's Advocate? - From where I sit those questions look spot on, Michael. Great stuff.
          BTW: I see they are not yours, and yes. they are complex

          Popped in, have you? Gonna stay for a while?

          • Michael Edwards

            Thanks DD - yes - will be around but posting every day as time is still limited.

          • Neville

            ... simple as that innit 🙂 enjoyed write through to the very core ...

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