Michael Edwards






A round in the sun

but what a shock:

a hole in one

in my golfers sock.


  • Goldfinch60

    "If I am drinking I don't drive! I don't even putt!" Dean Martin.


    • Michael Edwards

      He had it right. Plus a church painting to go with your posting.

    • orchidee

      Good write M.

    • dusk arising

      Wot no artwork? {ò¿ó}

      Meet me at the 19th hole, darn it.

      • Michael Edwards

        Just added one to compliment Andy's posting.
        I'll be at the 19th!

      • Doggerel Dave

        A whole experience in four lines.....

      • L. B. Mek

        sometime, life is just too crazy
        I know its hard to believe and completely surreal
        but literally
        (this hopefully, is a blessedly correct use
        of that much abused word)
        moments earlier, I looked back and searched
        for the artwork you used to accompany your write today
        and shared a link in my comment to Andy's write
        (the one right below your post),
        because I distinctly remembered getting the same feeling
        from your artwork, as I did reading his words..
        then lo and behold, I click on your write
        and there's that same artwork...
        really, just amazes me how
        so many people think there's nothing more
        to existence
        than consequences of birth and certainty of death..
        (oh and if your gold socks got holes
        maybe your exerting as much tort in your swings
        as bryson dechambeau
        and his weightlifting generation of
        theoretical physicist 'golfers') lol

      • Neville

        ... well darn me 🙂

      • SureshG


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