Michael Edwards




Authors of their own bad press

shout ‘Foul’ when media brings distress.


  • Poetic Dan

    And now I'll delightfully go look at the rest!

  • Goldfinch60

    Very true.


    • Michael Edwards

      Shades of a certain royal couple. thanks Andy.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Privacy - if press was not courted....
      Beyond that, I'm with you all the way, Michael.
      BTW - Your artworks part of an economy drive? 😊

      • Michael Edwards

        For some reason many of my latest works simply won't download on this site - not sure why as they meet the size criteria and somewhat frustrating.

      • Doggerel Dave

        I understand the problem and the frustration very well, Michael and cannot offer any solutions - but you do have my commiserations.

      • dusk arising

        You should hear them shouting foul over the parliamentary bill to give police more powers to deal with illegal traveller encampments.
        Your powerful two lines brought this to mind immediately.

        • Michael Edwards

          We have a lot of problems with travellers in my area. i hate to critical of pthers but they really don't help themselves by their disregard of society etiquette.

        • L. B. Mek

          London Mayor increased Press office spending
          by 26% in 2020
          ( https://www.guardian-series.co.uk/news/18149842.sadiq-khan-spends-26-city-hall-pr-johnson/ )
          in the runup to elections, that he won: by a landslide...
          despite closing an abhorrent amount of police stations
          since 2017, to save '8 million' - from a budget of 'billions'
          and still promises to close more,
          while stabbing figures and crime rates, rise: relentlessly...
          (it's all a well coordinated dance of propaganda
          and everyone knows it,
          we're just too scared to believe it, because western society
          is rotten to the core,
          and we don't want to admit it)

          • Michael Edwards

            Sadly our democracy is nowhere as democratic as we would like to think. Parliament and those who serve in it are not independant being influenced by wealth and elitism. Yes, we don't want to admit it.

          • Neville

            we certainly have one or two like that .. I really like this little nugget Michael πŸ™‚

          • SureshG

            Those who can’t, critique, but in my case, even bad press is some recognition,

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