L. B. Mek

an Elizabeth, for a Kin


her regal height 

forever crouched

stumbling, over 

invisible pavement spikes


my favourite 

conversationalist wonder

hours, travelling every tropic 

with varied topics


unyielding backbone, scaffolding 

unshakable, survival instincts

layered over a sponged, compassionate core 

busily absorbing her life’s storms; 


routines comforts, her delights

lifelong stable friendships as treasures

her purpled heart’s tattered covers

forced to survive, behind distances - curtains


memories aplenty 

of bright laughter’s energy

bloodline loyalty

forging, ever-sweet melancholy


warmth, gift wrapped 

within spirited boldness

anointed, an African princess

by her deeds: of intuitive kindness 



© L. B. Mek

August 2018


  • Teddy.15

    this gave me goosebumumps, to write about someone special in this quality is just the best thing one can read.

    unyielding backbone, scaffolding

    unshakable, survival instincts

    layered over a sponged, compassionate core

    busily absorbing her life’s storms;

    wow love this stanza, as always your words hit the notes Mr Mek and i for one love it. Thank you. a shout out to the N.H.S who do the best job in the world and happy brithday to darling Elizabeth who is also awsome.

    • L. B. Mek

      'Awesome': aye, that: She truly be!
      thank you dear Poetess
      but I think, more than this humble scribble
      the person who inspired me
      is more, the true treasure: in this communion
      between muse, and inked truths...

      • Teddy.15

        and a fantastic muse she be.

      • Lorna

        Now we are all routing for Elizabeth who is so dear to you.........

        • L. B. Mek

          she must be hiccupping aplenty today,
          how very kind you all are, thank you!

        • Neville

          Hail Elizabeth and long may she reign

          bows low in the presence of one very regal post .. fit for a king I'd say .....

          • L. B. Mek

            loved this, what a creative take
            regal commentary: at its finest!
            lol, such poetic fun
            thank you, my friend

          • Neil Higgins

            Hail Caesar.Oops.Meant Elizabeth.
            Our NHS are world class,when allowed to be.They are the backbone of the UK falling apart,or keeping well.Just turn up and you might wait,but someone will see you.Wont go too political as I have accociates who work in hospitals.And apart from pre Covid days, Saturday evenings,when A&E was like a war zone,the magnificent staff would carry on and see to all and sundry.
            Rant over.
            Thank you LB for the magnificent words you have written my friend.

            • L. B. Mek

              in the theme of Jerry Maguire
              you had my attention, at
              'when allowed to be'...
              acute and considered commentary
              and I do, so totally agree!
              thank you, dear Poet

            • aDarkerMind

              i would say
              ''no amount of praise will be enough for these treasured people''

              you have proved me wrong!


              • L. B. Mek

                took me a second to grasp
                but as-ever, I'm so very humbled
                every time a poet of your calibre
                generously offers me, such encouraging words
                thank you,
                oh: visionary wordsmith supreme

              • Michael Edwards

                There's a small handful of great masters at of word association on this site and you're one of them - always a pleasure to read your work.

                • L. B. Mek

                  feels delightfully nostalgic
                  just to see your name, my friend
                  humbly, I thank you!

                • Jerry Reynolds

                  A fine tribute, L.B.
                  On the world stage one of my favorite ladies.

                  • L. B. Mek

                    it's certainly a name, for a Great Queen
                    that steadfast resolve,
                    will be much missed, when she's no longer
                    with us, I'm certain of that...
                    thank you Jerry, very kind of you

                  • John Prophet

                    Women can be a blessing they can be a curse. Sounds like you found a gift.
                    Great write!

                    • L. B. Mek

                      like all things really, including us men
                      its all a coin toss, of blessings and curses
                      we just cherish the one
                      and try to shed the other
                      life goes-on, regardless of either..
                      thanks for taking the time to support, dear poet

                    • Coyote

                      And a very happy birthday to dear Elizabeth my friend. You do her proud with this gem🙂

                      • L. B. Mek

                        what a kind gesture, really appreciated
                        and thanks for the encouragement, dear poet

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