Saxon Crow

A pythonesque poem..... Well sort of.... Well I thought I'd give it a go..... Shh!........ Sorry

With words as ancient as the stone I stand upon
I raise a mountain from the sea
With a voice of thunder that calms the wind
I whisper of forgotten mysteries
I mustn't forget chocolate
Or biscuits and cheese
And let's face it where would this world be without a cup of tea
So yes where was I
Oh yes ancient words
mountains from the sea
Voice of thunder
Forgotten mysteries
This land is my land and I am the heart of it
Beating in furious tectonic rhythm
Do not defy the will of me
For my depths of strength are deeper than the tempestuous sea
Oh bugger, I also need rhubarb
Nothing like a rhubarb crumble
To ease that little belly rumble
And while I think about my food
I also love steak and kidney pud
Right, anyway, as I was saying
You dare to challenge me in your childlike ways? 
You are but a grain of sand
Easily trapped within the palm of my hand
You are nothing say I
And I am marmite!
I almost forgot marmite
I can't be leaving out the best bit
Even though some people don't like it
You know what? 
I think this is the end
So now for something completely different..... 


Stop that now..........Silly person................ Shh......... 


  • Goldfinch60

    You forgot the Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding covered in onion gravy SC.
    Good fun write.


    • Saxon Crow

      Thanks GF. The list goes on and on

    • Teddy.15

      LOL top marks for originality, and for making my tummy rumble, how funny just the other day I was talking about rhubarb crumble rhubarb it's hard to find here, Love the entire list even marmite lol 🤣 top marks as usual, genius poet you, I was mesmerized. I really did think you were.speaking of ancient things and indeed they are to me in foreign lands lol 😂

      • Saxon Crow

        Thanks Teddy. The ramblings of a delusional madman!

      • dusk arising

        A definite odour of a late parrot pervades the whole post saxon.

        Bluddy good fun write m8.

        • Saxon Crow

          Thanks Dusk. Glad you liked it

        • L. B. Mek

          'no dear poet, let your creativity roam free
          like the custard, you forgot...'
          said Zeus, with a rumbling sky of thunderous delight

          • Saxon Crow

            Or Angel delight indeed!

          • Neil Higgins

            And now for something completely different.
            This parrots dead. (No it isn't)
            Is this a cheese shop? (Yes sir)
            Ministry of silly walks.
            As a "wet behind the ears" school boy,I used to laugh at Monty Python,although the rest of the family "never got it"
            "You don't need me.You don't need anyone!"
            "Yes.We don't need anyone"

            • Saxon Crow

              "You're all individuals!"
              "Yes. We are all individuals"
              "Er, I'm not"

            • Lucy Reid

              Ha!ha!, thank you for this delicious poem 🙂

              • Saxon Crow

                Thanks. For reading my nonsense!

              • Doggerel Dave

                Garn - it's got Passion 'n Power 'n ...'n... 'n ...'n - yeh, all of that....
                😊 😉 😊

                • Saxon Crow

                  Cheers Dave haha

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