Poetic Dan

May I absorb every word I've ever written

From my view you should listen to every cue

An incident happened that was no fault of the two souls involved

My girl nearly 2 and a lovely little boy just over 2

The dad was in the sea but the boy didn't want to go in

So walking along the edge he met up with our Maarii

As it looked so sweet and I was just about to take a picture, she fell over!

The boy quickly tried to help by putting his hands around her neck and lifting!

Obviously she screamed but the boy looked shocked and went on until the Adults moved in!

They then happily (after some understanding, it's ok) throw stones in the sea together!

All was good and I went for a dip but sadly my brain never turns off, although it's one reason I can like my job!

I noticed the dad and son in the water, he had taken him way passed me and the boy was not happy.  Although the dad tried to give reassurance, it was not enough. He ask him to swim and the boy just clung to him and wouldn't for a second try!

To me the boy was right, for a number of reason the dad could of dropped him and the fear the boy felt was keep him alive! Due to the fact he has no knowledge of how to swim. 

I could go on and on with this but as I put my girl to bed this evening I realised, the boy did stop when Maarii screamed  because people around him don't!

This doesn't mean the dad was a bad one because fear is never a good place to stay and every one should always start learning the tools to turn it around.

Here is my main point, the way I was taught was wrong and no one needs to "man up" or alike, because all emotions are for a reason and there will never be harmony until we really learn how to listen.

We each suffer with a bit of the human condition, to change the cycle and grow is everyones mission.

May I truly absorb every word that I've written.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very good words Dan and what you said at the end is so very true. We must LISTEN and not just hear, it is so important in our lives and it is a lesson well learned.


    • Poetic Dan

      Cheers my friend ill keep going until I pass or maybe there are time we are just ment to fail!
      Always appreciated

    • Teddy.15

      Dear Dan, I trained as a nursery teacher 30 years ago now, and my greatest lesson that I learnt is everything has it's time limit, children should never be forced to do things they do not feel happy or safe to do, that's a brilliant point my friend. I think this poem goes so much deeper, looking on the inside it is about self confidence and not having bullies tell you, you should be doing something when you feel you are not ready for the sake of coolism, actually I have a father like that, we are not friends. A wonderful piece of philosophy today Dan (chin up my friend) 🤗

      • Poetic Dan

        Chin is up and helped with every word you shared, thank you kindly!

        • Teddy.15

          😎 X

        • orchidee

          Good write Dan. You absorbing? Any 'good vibes' from it?!
          I think we can 'transmit' emotions, such has fear, not spookily, but more as 'influencing' others. Animals too pick up our emotions, and we pick up theirs.

          • Poetic Dan

            I think your thinking and take no sugar in my tea, there is nothing spooky about you or me! Nature understands as you said so perfectly!

            Cheers for the first thoughts in keeping that!

          • L. B. Mek

            if I hadn't seen your name, I would have to go back and search through your archives again, lol
            good to see you sharing
            but its been a while since you gave us one of your really beautifully edited poems,
            I look forward with anticipation in the hopes you find some time, in the ear future
            (I appreciate how busy, you must be)
            to showcase your poetic talents to us, once again
            dear gifted and kindred, Poet
            (sorry, you were going through a bad spell, but glad
            you've overcome and are striving forward again)
            loved the empathy and assured understanding, you exemplified in this write
            wisdom, has many colours my friend

            • Poetic Dan

              Well I don't know what I've overcome but I'm still here and so glad to have you whisper in my ear!
              As I also see you've been busy writing about love and although it was to much for me to read I can always feel your passion come across!

              As it did here and although people many not see the smile it gave because good ones sit with the soul and never go away!

              Have a splendid wonderful day my friend

            • Thekkinkkattil

              A story with a moral nicely penned

              • Poetic Dan

                As life should be! Thank you for your time truly appreciated

              • BusyB

                Perfectly put. We as children experience misunderstanding as our 'parents' don't make time to listen. This touched me thanks for sharing xx

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