Michael Edwards





The study of flora soon discloses

 flowers don't smell cos they don't have noses.


  • dusk arising

    Flora don't stand too much study, it melts.

    • Michael Edwards

      Is that a fact - better spread it around.

    • Marie

      I love this two liner with perfect rhyming, Michael. It is true that flora are not aware of their own scent, it's like a woman wearing perfume. She puts it on but forgets about it and becomes unaware of it. Bit others whom she meets become instantly aware of the beautiful perfume and want to know which one it is and where it can be bought. I like this disclosure about Flora very much. So much said in so few words. Thank you for sharing, dear poet...

      • Michael Edwards

        A great observation - thanks so much Marie.

        • Marie

          Most welcome, Michael. Thank you for sharing. Lovely work!

        • Fay Slimm.

          So good to see you posting again Michael - - I chuckled at your witty two liner and stayed a while longer studying your amazing art work - - do hope things are improving at home health-wise dear friend.

          • Michael Edwards

            The painting is a collage - it\'s the only one I\'ve done. As I\'m not that keen on collages I doubt if I\'ll be doing any more. Will PM you.

          • Doggerel Dave

            That's that then - I don''t want no more posies.

            When 's (7)?

          • Laura🌻


            I enjoyed reading your witty couplet and your artwork of course. I’ve been thinking about your wife. I hope she’s doing better.


          • Goldfinch60

            Good fun write Michael but like Fay the artwork intrigued me, there i so much going on in it.

            PS going to The Ashmolean today.


          • orchidee

            Good write M. lol.
            Fido will bark fiercely at me for this:
            'My dog's got no nose'
            'How does he smell?'

          • L. B. Mek

            firstly your painting:
            I love the geometric fluidity
            of all your diverse and distinct imagery
            that orderly chaos of wilful nature
            grabs you,
            makes you tilt your head, at times
            has you asking, wondering
            in short
            it makes you realise, you're looking at Art, with a vivacious zeal for life
            as its: go-to voice!
            nothing tepid or measured
            this be that mathematical accuracy of existences chaos
            framed, distilled
            with ease of relatability and mystique of creativity!
            secondly your words:
            (forgive my overzealous eccentricity, hopefully by now you've learnt to put up with me,) lol
            Thanks for letting us know, all
            is as well as can be dear Poet
            and sharing your genius again.
            I still have me fingers and toes all crossed, my friend

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