It’s okay to not be okay

Is it insanity 

Am I loosing my mind 

or is it alright 

to not be okay every time 

at times empowerment reigns inside 

feel king at heart inside

I shout with all my might 

I will be the ruler of my destiny 

and let no one choose for my life 

Then feeling of overwhelmed shadows 

a plethora of emotions play 

suddenly I feel manipulated all the way

they chose the colours 

they chose the canvas 

they chose the scenery 

and the brush 

while I was told to paint all that 

it wasn’t my choice 

I wanted to make heaven and earth meet 

they told me to paint a horse instead 

they said it never meets at horizon 

what if I wanted to let it meet 

is it okay to not be okay 

they call the emotions worthless 

they say it’s weak to be ruled by emotions 

to them mental well being is scam 

why they never chose peace 

is war desirable 

why should we fight 

Peace don’t calls for fight 

why in garb of peace they chose to fight 

let mankind hurt humanity inside 

is it okay to think like that 

they question my curiosity 

they question my choice 

my friendship with nature 

they call it insanity 

I chose to speak 

they call me stupid 

is it okay to not be okay 

I may be ruled 

or ruined by my emotions 

but I won’t deny my emotions 

that makes me special 

that makes you special

and yes 

it’s okay to be not okay 

we can’t decide the situations 

but we can decide our actions 

we can’t change the storms 

but we surely can sail across

let the waves come 

we shall surf upon 



  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    Amazing writing 🙂 such strength in your words … I like the read , 🙂

    • spilleronsheet

      Thank you so much rose
      The emotions flared up
      And I realised I am so sensitive to the emotions beside

    • Goldfinch60

      Good positive words spilleronsheet, a person after my own heart, positiveness is so good but so misunderstood by so many.


      • spilleronsheet

        So true dear Andy
        Thanks for your kind read and your comments

      • Vamsi Sudha

        Very inspiring and motivating. Liked the last paragraph of your a lot !!!

      • Garth Rakumakoe

        This piece reminds me that to love is an act of war. A noble one. Very real. Very projective. Thank you.

      • Dharchika

        I have no words…I really have so much to learn from you…

        • spilleronsheet

          It would my pleasure then
          Trust the process, some time will teach, then this life will teach and at times others even in form of strangers will teach you
          Stay optimistic and let go what hurts you
          I know it’s easier said then be done
          But I am sure when you start walking that way..,one day you shall reach your desired goals

          • Dharchika

            Thanks a lot…

          • Teddy.15

            Dear SOS, so very beautifully written, an example if I say I'm feeling angry, in Italy they say go to a shrink, where as.in England they would offer you a frying pan, right? That's how I've always lived anyway. It is ok not to be ok ,in this current world, who is ok anyway? We must keep to our true emotions each one is healthy and we move on from the fase of what we feel whether it happy sad mad or earth shattering, it's ok, as you have said. Well said too. I'm all topsy turvy this week so what? That's life. Kudos my friend.

            • spilleronsheet

              Thank you my friend for your appreciation
              To be happy all time might be called insanity
              So it’s okay to be sad
              To cry
              But remember my friend worries when shared will diminish faster
              So when you feel worried feel free to share
              Or throw your emotions on the piece of poetry
              Let go the words from your heart
              Let the paper and words speak
              Let the pen write the emotions
              And let go what binds you back

              • Teddy.15

                They are all, already here in writing, I'm in a good mood these days. 🤣 You are so kind.

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              • Paul Bell

                More and more people really need to cry out, I'm not okay, before they find the note explaining it.

                • spilleronsheet

                  I hope Paul
                  I just want myself and others too, to admit to their feelings..,don’t deny any emotions and not feel ashamed of it
                  Not all days may be sunny, some may be cold and dry too
                  But that’s phase of life

                  • Paul Bell

                    Definitely, no day is ever the same.

                  • dusk arising

                    It's always OK to be not OK so long as we aren't hurting anyone. You cover so much in this piece. If only we could count on our fellow humans to be so insightful.
                    So much hate crime around, they say comes from ignorance. Lack of empathy, or maybe folks just 'not being OK' for a while.

                    Deep subject, no easy resolutions other than be true to yourself.

                    • spilleronsheet

                      You got me reader
                      I agree it’s not easy
                      But it’s never too late to start
                      I had this poetry for long but wasn’t sure if I should share around
                      A lot of prejudices hold around the mental well being
                      Everyone talks about physical diseases but society shuns about mental health
                      Nobody teaches us to shout
                      Everyone teaches us to be polite and to sit quiet

                    • Meg

                      Maybe it's cruel of the world to give us inspiration when we hurt. Stunning work, my friend.

                      • spilleronsheet

                        I agree more and more to you
                        Why shall heart sing only when it’s heartbroken?

                        • Meg

                          I guess the sound doesnt reach us when its trapped in a whole heart. We must break it to realise what it harbours.

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