dusk arising

cutting the mustard

A new name, another ego
another poem for the round
sadly riddled with poor grammar
typos and syntax here abound.
To, too and two make three
there-there, they're and their
abused without a care.
Try to meter each verse aloud
I failed quite miserably - I'm not proud.


Foreign language characters are sometimes seen
cor blimey I thought, somebody's keen!
Too much effort to translate?
Bring comprehension to the plate?
But are they really poets I ask?
Do they care for poetry at all?
Their profile shows no interest
in the likes of yours and my poetic scrawl.


So forgive me not posting comments
should i do them an injustice
its simply that their 'poetry'
just doesn't 'cut the mustard'.

  • Author: dusk arising (Offline Offline)
  • Published: November 5th, 2021 06:27
  • Comment from author about the poem: This tongue in cheek sarcastic post, long overdue, I share with those who have as critical an eye as mine (pedant). Though not too proud to admit the fact that I do make some awful bloomers myself. Also its important for me to clearly state that this sarcasm does not apply to ALL our new and welcome poets most of whom post excellent poetry for us all to enjoy.
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  • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

    I guess sometimes people make mistakes in their writings , but I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to read poems with a lot of errors . Although I can’t say I’ve read many poems on here with a lot of those .

    A good poem tho , dusk . I guess sometimes we may need to look at our writings again to see if we need to edit it

  • Fay Slimm.

    Yes serious poetry freaks like me find an absorbing amount of time reading other poetic work makes for a fuller understanding of things pertaining to writing i.e. syntax and correct spelling which we all need for success with expression and can be found here on M.P. S.with plenty of tips seen on posts from experienced writers and can help on any chosen subject - -- - thanks dear Dusk for sharing your own feelings and thoughts on postings left minus the editing that I find I myself so often need.

  • orchidee

    Sometimes whole poems appear in foreign wording, e.g. Greek. But it's blips in the system. And sometimes the text appears normal to those who have posted the poems.

  • Paul Bell

    I've noticed a lot of poets will tell you to ignore the grammar.
    Strangely enough, one word out of place can murder a poem.

  • spilleronsheet

    How straight you laid the words
    It may appear as a scolding
    But your true
    I agree I have made many a mistakes
    Kindly excuse me and guide the way
    I hope we can nurture and grow together
    Poetry is about emotions and inspirations
    At times words can’t define them
    Thanks dear poet for this thought provoking note
    I shall try to be better in future

  • Doggerel Dave

    Is 'tongue in cheek' a get out clause with respect to your criticism, Dusk?

    I find myself in total agreement with the sentiments expressed therein and make no apology for this.
    Perhaps these 'poets' should practice the art of lucid grammatical prose before they embark on a poetic journey.

    Let's start with one issue you mention: the placement of 'to' and 'too' in their rightful positions. (I am available for a modest fee...)

  • Goldfinch60

    Many need to start writing and fine their way into creating words that are meaningful. Time is a great healer and many will be better in time.


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