The invisible hands

while under the vast sky 

the insignificant me 

gave a sigh 

a sigh of sadness 

a sigh of being stagnant 

it was all

 but not a sigh of relief 


wonder when shall problems end 

wonder when shall tides reside 

wonder when shall storms pass

wonder when shall winter pass

Will the flowers bloom 


all thoughts dwell 

without any action 

cause peace unfound 

the mind astray 


looking at the vast sky 

the heart sighed 


who knew 

invisible hands were working beside 

the stagnant me 

felt a plunge 

silent cheers emerge 

the push, the mind needed 

those silent cheers came along 


somewhere under the vast sky 

I existed 

along with burdens unknown 

but thanks to hands of invisible unknown 

they held me behind 

telling me stories of life 

weaving poetries of all kind 

teaching me to stand up all time 


thanks to invisible hands 

I say 

they lent their shoulders on way 

teaching me life lessons on way 


showing the daring  nature beside 

showing the heaps of strength inside 


chaos still remain 

yet again 

I find peace in their lullabies 


under the vast sky 

I am not alone 

with unknown burden of mine 

thanks to invisible hands beside 



  • Teddy.15

    Invisible hands can give invisible hugs dear spills, and you are certainly not insignificant, a beautiful poem. I find this very peaceful. ❤️

    • spilleronsheet

      And your one of my invisible hands dear Teddy
      Thank you for being the shoulder for me

    • dusk arising

      Confronted with the vastness of creation, the sky, ocean or mountainscape we become aware of our tiny insignificance in the wonder of it all. Our worries and frustrations become a speck of no meaning as we spritually harmonise with our surroundings and an inner strength is refreshed.

      That's what i got from reading your words today. A theme i have tried to put into words on several occasions and posted on here. I really like the way you've handled this today though and i shall keep it and reflect upon it. So it goes into my favourites.

      • spilleronsheet

        Thank you so much dear Dusk
        I am a fan of your poetry
        Your words are always so refined and such deep insights they are laced with
        If jewels are your words then your an exotic jeweller
        Keen and so profound
        Your poetry are those silent cheers for me

        • dusk arising

          That's high praise indeed and I thank you most sincerely. Being on MPS has helped me a great deal to become more discerning. I have learned so much from reading other peoples poetry on here and asking myself "could I write like that" and "that's a really interesting angle to view that subject from, can i see from a similar angle?". I'm still reading, still learning, still challenging myself but as always, still getting into the "feel" of my subject.

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        • Neville

          this is not just a poem, this is a canvass both shaded & coloured yet hungry to have the fine detail filled in .. superbly crafted and one to both reflect and meditate upon .. N x

          • spilleronsheet

            Thank you so much dear Neville
            Your comments made my day and my poetry priceless
            I feel privileged to have such a great community herein I am associated with
            You guys are invisible hands for me

          • Sharkylang

            Could be good if it had any structure, rhyming, or punctuation.

            • spilleronsheet

              I shall try myself to refine myself for
              Thanks for stopping by and advising me
              Your words shall be a great guide for me

            • yellowrose

              I really like this … ) nicely expressed , good choice of words 🙂 there is a sense of comfort in the words you write

              • spilleronsheet

                Thank you so much Rose
                I am happy that these spills of mine bring respite to you
                You and your poetry are siley cheers and invisible hands for me

              • orchidee

                Good write S.

                • spilleronsheet

                  Thank you so much Orchi
                  Your a soul who really makes efforts
                  It’s working now
                  I can read your comment

                  • orchidee

                    Thanks S.

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Those invisible hands can lift you into such wonderful places spilleronsheet and giving us words like these are bound to take you into those places.


                    • spilleronsheet

                      Thank you so much Andy your appreciation lifted me though
                      Thanks a lot

                    • Joe Dawson

                      A thought full work, an insight into the heart of another. Well worth reading. Joe

                      • spilleronsheet

                        Thanks a lot dear reader
                        Thanks for stopping by
                        Much appreciated

                      • Paul Bell

                        The state of being alone, or being lonely. I sometimes think, humans have forgotten the earth they live in. We take it for granted she'll look after us, and she only asks the same back, even if you're only a little cog she still appreciates you.

                        • spilleronsheet

                          That’s true Paul
                          In fact that’s a different insight altogether
                          We think life is like a magnet
                          A pair of action and reaction
                          But it’s not like that

                        • Vamsi Sudha

                          Dear Spiller, Oops !! I missed seeing this poetry of yours...
                          Invisible Hands take the Visible Load..
                          And of course you are not Alone Behold !!
                          Just wonder, how wearisome the world would have been. You really add the pinch of color to the world !! Amazing as usual. !!!

                          • spilleronsheet

                            Dear Vamsi
                            Wonder if it’s greed inside
                            Am I greedy to hear you?
                            I feel eager to hear you
                            How wonderful your comment is
                            Adorning in poetic lines
                            Like a crown it wears on invisible hands behind
                            Your one of the silent cheers that gives me a push to embrace the worst and smile
                            Silently work in progress in dream of mine

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