The Guy Who Wasn't There


Sitting on a park bench
cutting up a pear
Having me a talk with
a guy who wasn't there
People passing by, they
all gave me funny stares
But I just kept on talking
to the guy who wasn't
Then a man in uniform
said 'son come on with me.
You’re scaring all these
people with this friend
they cannot see.
I’ll take you to a special
place and they’ll give you
lots of care
And they’ll help you with
this fantasy of talking to
the air'
I said 'well OK officer
I’ll gladly come with you
But what about the thousand
folks all sitting in the pew?
I saw them at St. Timothy's
all packed in like sardines
Talking to some other guy
that no one's ever seen
So I think it would be prudent
And I think it's only fair
That you send a couple
buses for them people
over there.
Then take the great big lot
of us yes all one thousand
Over to that special place
you mentioned in line one
Or maybe it was line fifteen
in truth I do not care
As long as we can all converse
with the guy who isn't there.


  • Michael Edwards

    What a great fun read - love it

    • Coyote

      Thank you Michael🙂

    • Lyn_Dejesus

      This was so amazing great read and feel it so much

      • Coyote

        Thanks Lyn🙂

      • HannahElisabeth

        This is fantastic Coyote, I'm glad to see you're still around friend!

        • Coyote

          Thanks Hannah🙂

        • Goldfinch60

          Clever write Coyote, you are so right about the thousands/millions of people who talk to the guy who isn't there.


        • Garth Rakumakoe

          Revealing those invisible figures we all know exist, but seldom make reference to. Beautifully carved!

        • Accidental Poet

          Just maybe, the guy who isn't there is really the part of us we always try to see. Excellent write Coyote. 👍

        • Doggerel Dave

          Great to see you back and on form, C.
          Perfect proof that context is all when deciding which side of the sanity line people are on.
          I’m also given to understand that something called ‘bluetooth’ causes a lot of people to talk to themselves on the street. When I first noticed this I did attempt to advise a couple of folks to up their dental hygiene regimens, but the response wasn’t very encouraging, so I gave up……

        • spilleronsheet

          Dear poet you really have a way with those words
          Maybe a conformist may be praised and a deviant shall always be blamed
          The society is so rule bound today, that anything out of the book is considered insanity

        • Draven

          Haha! Another great read. A well written and funny piece 🙂

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