what makes a poet

dusk arising



what makes a poet?
for theres something broken
inside a poet
something which cries
to be outspoken
in a poet
words which will touch you
from a poet
your pains recounted in the word
of a poet
and more, so much more
for the splenders of this beautiful life
are alive
in the heart of a poet


  • spilleronsheet

    What makes a poet ?
    So well described
    The poetry was an essence of very poet
    So poignant and very touching
    Striking the chords of my heart
    For me those lines turned personal as those were the emotions that made me a poet
    Thanks a lot dear Dusk for this wonderful write
    The journey of every poet you gilded in letters of purple

    • dusk arising

      Thank you spiller. I'm not so sure every poet would agree with you but i'm pleased you can relate to these words. Choosing a font and colour from the limited offerings is always a consideration and sometimes a challenge. Some poets choices can be quite off-putting which is a shame.... but some must find my choices equally off-putting..... life's a game innit LOL

    • Rozina

      Lovely lines you have shared. It is true. I saw this phrase:
      A poem begins as a "lump in the throat". So I have added:
      It rocks and rolls just like a boat
      It then glides down into a mould
      It may turn out to be real gold.
      Happy poetry writing.

      • dusk arising

        That is good stuff you penned there. So why don't you write a piece about why poets became poetic?
        Thank you Rozina, I'm pleased you enjoyed this and left your much appreciated comment.

      • Goldfinch60

        So very true d a, poets must write down their inner feelings.


        • dusk arising

          Yes, true enough isn't it. I don't know what's happened to my muse of late though, I'm really lacking inspiration. I can't write just for the sake of it I've always needed something emotional to stir me into action. I'm patiently waiting, if you see my muse please sent it/him/her home to me.

          • Goldfinch60

            Will do d a,.



          • orchidee

            Good write dusk.
            It must come from me heart, cos in me mind/brain are only 3 brain cells. They often go on holiday! lol.

            • dusk arising

              I can see your heart is in your writing Orchy.

            • Vamsi Sudha

              Dear Dusk,

              Today you really described the dusk of a poet's life. It really touched me for sure...Thanks Dusk !!

              • dusk arising

                Thank you Vamsi, I'm so pleased to read that you could relate to this piece. Poetry and the need for expression is a heartfelt thing....

              • Neville

                it seems to me it has pretty much all been said already .. I just want to add .. my very own personal thanks to you my friend .. N

                • dusk arising

                  And thank you Neville. I really appreciate your unique style and approach and i have definitely pinched some of your ideas over the years..... but i guess thats what we do if we're wise. "I like how he did that, how can i do something similar". Know what I mean?

                • Michael Edwards

                  It's a good 'un and certainly true of my work when I'm wearing my serious hat (which isn't that often theses days).

                  • dusk arising

                    Thanks ME but you're all over the place sir! Where have you been? Excuses, excuses.

                    Hope you and yours are keeping well and safe. Merry Christmas and a healthy, Happy new year if i don't see you on here before the day.

                  • MDStone

                    Excellent writing and feeling once again. Thank you for sharing.

                    • dusk arising

                      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a really nice comment.

                    • Poetic Dan

                      That be true than true and no poet worthy than you in my hall of fame! To keep on burning that eternal flame..

                      Thank you.

                      • dusk arising

                        Hello mate, I know the words of this piece will be something you can relate to readily. I'm looking forward to seeing the last four lines of my poem coming alive in your poetry and your videos again.
                        I know it's in you.

                        • Poetic Dan

                          You're on! Always up for a challenge!

                        • Coyote

                          A truly excellent write Dusk🙂

                          • dusk arising

                            Thank you Coyote, I think i was tickling a nerve every poet likes to have tickled LOL.

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