No Exit


It's 2am
and I'm still here
I should have skipped
that second beer
Perhaps the third
and forth ones too
I swear my drinking
days are through

What's that?
Coyote bought a round?
He never buys!
The filthy hound!
Then I'll drink that one
and gladly go
It'd be quite rude
to just say 'no'

Alright I'm done
It's been a ball
What's that you say?
The final call?
In that case
give me one to go
It'll be my last
I swear it's so

Oh Jesus
Where's that fucking door?
And how'd I wind up
on the floor?
And when did morning
come to pass?
Oh Heaven,
save my sorry ass

My woman,
Lord I'm in so deep
She'll knock my brains
into next week
She'll show no love
or sympathy
Save me lord!
Oh woe is me!

Whatever am
I going to do?
I really haven't
got a clue
What's that?
You open up at four?
Then I guess I'll stay
and have one more

  • Author: Coyote (Offline Offline)
  • Published: December 15th, 2021 14:20
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Rozina

    Haha! In big trouble are you? This is so funny! Thanks!

    • Coyote


    • Michael Edwards

      And I'll join you - another great write Coyote.

      • Coyote

        Thank you Michael 🙂

      • Goldfinch60

        Good fun write Coyote.
        The lines
        "What's that?
        Coyote bought a round?
        He never buys!"

        Reminds me of a time when Myself and my wife used to go out with two other couples. One of the guys NEVER bought a round so one day the three of us went up to the bar and ordered drinks, me and the third guy then walked away so he HAD to buy the drinks.


        • Coyote

          Ha ha, good move Andy. Thank you🙂

        • Saxon Crow

          Haha. Think we've all been there my friend. Great poem Coyote made me chuckle

          • Coyote

            Very glad to here it Sax, thank you🙂

          • dusk arising

            Oh sweet memories of 'lock-ins' into the morning hours (lock-ins are when the bar owner locks the doors and pretends there is a private party going on - to keep on the right side of the old licencing hours in UK).

            • Coyote

              LOL...Thanks Dusk🙂

            • L. B. Mek

              here in the UK
              we have pub 'lock-ins'
              gets around that whole, 'last call'
              a fun read and an experience
              I relate with,
              I have now come to terms with such gaps in judgement
              by labelled them as
              'sociability's burdens'
              in my memory's, attic
              ... ahem,
              'and that's all I gottta say bout thaaat' lol
              (thank for sharing
              a wonderfully fun read)

            • Coyote

              'Sociability's burdens', I'm going to use that🙂

            • Draven

              Yikes that hit quite close to home! But very funny indeed!

            • Coyote

              Thank you so much Draven🙂

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