dusk arising

remembering lockdowntown


streets filled with emptyness
echo absent footfall
beneath yelling birdsearch dismal
cry for yesterday's stolen meal


lonesome benches bathe beneath
magnolia's blossom blanket
nurturing hope of congregation
for lunchtime's sandwich pause


.            traffic lights ever change and dream
.            of rush hour chaos covered tarmac
.            where yellow lines now silently mock
.            each vacant seat of a solitary passing bus


occasional pale peering indoor faces
grace windows of fearful longing
surviving behind well bolted thresholds
auditioning death toll's daily TV feed


  • Rozina

    Many places were ghost towns. Some have resumed this pattern. Others remain opened. I wonder what lies ahead. Your poem reminds me of what it was like for us too last year - frightening.

  • Goldfinch60

    So very true d a, it seemed to have returned yesterday when I went out for a coffee, very few people around.


  • Teddy.15

    Such imagery for such a time when we were all locked in doors, for me it felt some how I was in a war.

    Borris Johnson should be man enough to tell the country he did wrong not just on COVID but on so many things including brexit and house renovations he is the sleeziest prime minister I have ever had the displeasure to see in my lifetime, he is certainly the organ grinder to a bunch of monkeys and he is as nasty as getting rid of his own brother who actually deeply cared for politics, sorry you wanted the discussion and here it is from me. And to see him not giving a care in the world for the country and for all those who lost loved ones is sickening, and let's not forget who saved his life, two nurses who are from Europe. 💖 Johnson needs to quit or even better be thrown out, a cabbage could do a better job.

  • spilleronsheet

    I hope the days that passed never comes again
    May this pandemic rest in peace now, never to return anymore
    May it die down after the present variation it got

  • orchidee

    "Vote for cabbages!" then, as Teddy gives as one suggestion.

  • orchidee

    Some of it may be of choice - people not travelling to and from workplaces, if they don't have to. The strain of getting there and back, if commuting.
    But for some, who before lockdown, said 'I'm working from home today', we might reply 'Oh yeah? pull the other one'.

  • Neil Higgins

    A fine visual portrait of life in 2020 DA.My village felt literally empty.But amazing how the wild life seemed to be less timid,and the general outside "atmosphere" was so good.The air quality improved no end.
    Now please excuse me as I have a garden party to attend with a cabbage.

  • Paul Bell

    I remember it hit home when 25 died in an old folk's home. The public did their part. Sadly, as we know now, the so-called elite just partied and laughed at us.

  • Michael Edwards

    Yes a sad reminder but why is it called a lockdown. When your movements are constricted as in prison it's called a lock-up.

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