Flowers are flowers, to grow and bloom

Vast fields 

with daffodils singing 

flying petals in air 

Filling the sight 



a paradise 

to eyes 

full of blooming roses 

in all its hues 

pink, red, orange, white, yellow 

defining the measure of bonds 



a garden 

full of tulips 

talking to bees who hover by 

closed and opened elegantly 

standing tall and strong as the bees hover by 



a pond 

serene and calm 

out blooms a beautiful queen 

with petals blooming layer by layer 

pink with dew glistening 

a lotus with green pillows around 



a backyard 

full of blushing poppies 

smiling facing you 

telling gossips the aunties were talking 



a sideline

a branch of bougainvillea

pink and white 

talking about the growing young lady 

whom they saw since childhood 

keep staring the lanes 



a street 

filled with fallen petals 

brushing the lanes 

clicking the pictures are lovers on street 

the shade of pink fascinating to eyes 

the cherry blossoms mixing and blowing with winds 



a canopy 

trees swindling by 

elegantly a branch sticks by 

on its a creeper 

drapes the green 

on this beauty 

a beautiful orchid fills the scene 

captivating the birds and the bees 


what other flowers bloomed 

who knows 

who cared 

Maybe they plucked 

maybe they praised 

to those beauties 

who bloomed and withered as their duties 

an applaud 

a praise 

they kept pleasing eyes of aesthetics 

and passing the heirlooms as they grow by 


  • Teddy.15

    Mesmerising imagery dear Spills, a stunning appreciation for the colours that will soon be in bloom, nature at its best my friend. 💖 Beautiful to say the least. 🤗

    • spilleronsheet

      When the soul is sad or tired
      Look at the nature
      I haven’t seen the deers but I could imagine by your poetry
      Got inspired and wrote what I could remember
      Thanks a lot dear Teddy
      I await for them to bloom

    • Goldfinch60

      Mau those heirlooms be with us forever spilleronsheet.


      • spilleronsheet

        I really hope so
        Only they bring a huge smile and hope inside

      • yellowrose

        Beautiful poem , spiller .. love your words and I love flowers too 🌸🌸🌸

        • spilleronsheet

          Thanks dear Rose
          So I gathered all roses for you dear Rose
          I am glad you liked it

        • Rozina

          I can imagine all the beautiful flowers in all shapes and colours. Stunning!

          • spilleronsheet

            Thanks dear Rozina
            Glad I could send flowers in poetry to you

          • dusk arising

            Brought to mind the fields of huge coloured stripes i used to live close to where a commercial flower seller (Harry Wheatcroft) grew his plants. A sight to behold when in glorious bloom. Acres/hectares of glorious natural colour.

            • spilleronsheet

              Wow that’s so interesting and fabulous
              Nothing better to love them in vicinity of a horticulturist
              It’s like a fantasy world

            • woundedheart

              Oh so longing for spring and nature's return, this is astoundingly beautiful 💟

              • spilleronsheet

                Thanks a ton dear Woundedheart
                I am awaiting too for spring arrival

              • L. B. Mek

                'full of blooming roses
                in all its hues
                pink, red, orange, white, yellow
                defining the measure of bonds'

                • spilleronsheet

                  Thank you so much dear Mek
                  Glad you liked it
                  If only fragrance could be captured too

                • Paul Bell

                  It's like you see a flower in bloom, and the winter takes a back seat. Hopefully this is the year we all bloom.

                  • spilleronsheet

                    So true
                    Like flowers I hope we bloom

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