Revival Requests

Tune: Cruger

('Hail to the Lord's Anointed')

Psalm 85


Lord, you have shown favour to

Your land, restored anew

Have brought back captivity

Of Israel, and set free

Your people, have forgiven

Their sins, wrong doings, then

Took away all your wrath. so

Your people your help know


And have turned from the fierceness

Of your anger, did bless

Turn us, O God, us restore

Grant salvation, whole, pure

And cause your anger to cease

Towards us, send us peace

Will you be angry always

With us, through all our days?


Will you not again revive

Us, so we in you thrive

And that your people in you

Rejoice again anew?

I will hear what God the Lord

Will speak, tend to His word

For He will speak peace unto

His people, even you


But let them not turn again

Unto foolishness then

Surely His salvation is

Near them that fear him, this

Be true, that glory may dwell

In our land, we shall tell

Mercy and truth they are met

Together, as one yet


Righteousness and peach have kissed

Each other, have not missed

Truth shall out of the earth spring

Righteousness, each good thing

Shall from the heaven look down

With grace, not darkened frown

The Lord shall give what good be

His favour shall we see


And our land shall yield increase

From curse shall know release

Righteousness shall go before

The Lord, He sets paths sure

And He shall His footsteps make

A way for us to take

To follow on firm, steadfast

From first step unto last





  • Goldfinch60

    Good one Orchi.

    • orchidee

      Thanks Gold.

    • spilleronsheet

      A plea to God in first half
      Later he tells us he shall
      We are relieved hearing his words
      And how he will
      Then a gentle advice to the most beautiful creation of his hand
      Simply beautiful Orchi
      Makes the mind calmer inside

      • orchidee

        Thanks S.

      • Teddy.15

        Is that of your singing career? 🤣

        • orchidee

          Thanks Teddy. Yes, lol, many wish it would 'revive'! They say to me 'Better to have not sung at all, than to have sung and sound like two cats fighting!' They are horrible to me. lol.

        • Michael Edwards

          Nice 'un O

          • orchidee

            Thanks M.

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