kitty the naughty poet

only you

From my world to yours
Life is hell but you bring me heaven...
Love emanates from fingertips
tickles glide across silky flesh
tease hidden desire
in sinful wicked games
Only you can give me that feeling
torturous tingle from lips
ignite fantasies turn them reality
for you and only me.

Only Kitty
Can give me this feeling!
I'm Kitty-mad! heehee.

Roses are red violets are blue
You make me feel brand new
You and only you
Make me feel all giddy like a little kid
You and only you can flip my lid
It's you and me forever and always to be kid

Sin or virtue is not the question
I can only love you, thatโ€™s my fashion
The world may try to tear us apart
But you are my reality, not fantasy
Your eyes are the only eyes, I can enter
I am not me, you are not you
Itโ€™s the โ€˜usโ€™ that is defining both of us here
Your body may have worldly duties
But your soul remains with me date and night
The Moral world is a deceitful Preacher
It is a butcher, not an Honourable teacher
I will always find the courage to love you
You just have to throw a smile at me
Which makes me forget all that I paid to be born
You are my salvation I know, everything else will be torn
Let me pack my bag of duties and leave this town of responsibility
The rest of my life will be for you to look at you and be happy

That love you give to me is so strong,
That love I give to you is equally strong.
Our love will be as one
As we sail through our lives
With each other at our sides, forever.

You will also agree none equals
to you strength, vision and Magic
I was standing on the edge of my life
One more push would have thrown me to its end
But your one touch sent me back to place i belong
So i will again think straight
For your touch only i will forever wait
Those who are thinking or fearing for me
Must know better
You are part of my human right
My day and Night
You are a happiness cheque life gave me
for all the walkover I gave in life
Life is a wheel of karma
Loving you is my biggest dharma
If you are not real, why I see your face everywhere
If My heart is city you are its Mayor
Bur some of us do not know you are rare
Let them do their old prayer


  • AuburnScribbler

    Damn, just missed out!

    But, the idea for this fusion poem from Katie is a great one, and all of the stanzas are wonderfully written in their own right.

    This would have been mine:

    Yazoo and The Flying Pickets, sang it well,
    But let me sing you, my own tale,
    Of what completes me, what I need to live,
    Though naturally, it takes, as well as gives,
    While I have no ring, upon my lonely finger,
    My imagination is key, for me not to linger,
    As when my mind whirs, I both laugh and cry,
    For my brain, does ground me, as I reach the sky,
    In my love hate relationship, I find my pleasant,
    Of my unique synaptic made, Hell and Heaven,
    Thus, in these colours, I shall self-smother,
    Until the time is right, to find a lover.

    Bravo Katie, and to all of the above, and I hope that all is well!

    • kitty the naughty poet

      Oh that would have been good I'm glad you wrote it up anyway its a great add

      • AuburnScribbler

        Thanks Katie, and I'm glad I wrote it up too, it's just been a busy couple of days for me, thus, the reason why I was a bit tardy in submitting.

        Thanks again, and I hope that all is well!

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