kitty the naughty poet

Wolf inside

She has a wolf trapped inside of her
wild and free unable to be tamed
her kitten doesn't purr for just anyone
naturally fierce like a sandstorm in the desert
she is fire spreading desire to every limb
a wildfire in a forest hunting for its prey
running paths laced with seduction

Her wild wolf howling at a devil’s moon
And kitty’s playtime to be soon
Get out the treasure chest of toys
The wolf ain’t the only one who’ll make some noise
You know kitty loves to moan and sigh
But when all is said and done
I wipe her eyes dry

Grrr! Woof woof!
Says Kitty
Short and sweet!

She is a wolf with human mask,
The night eats her up
And she howls a lower rumble,
with storms in her heart
and wolves beneath her skin.

A hateful soul
she was born with
Sweet talk and good manners
Could not hide what did in her manor
All throughout her childhood
she acted no good
thinking only about herself
how to daily assert herself
But the wolf side is getting grand
as she is drinking cheap brand
her teeth come out to hunt
you can hear her grunt
but her stint gonna end soon
when her life will crumble like sand dune
Her Mask they will tear
So no one should fear

The wolf inside, seeks its pack to guide it through.
The guidance of the light, when the moon is new.
We cling and stick to the mountain's dew..
From winter to summer that makes us new.
The wolf inside is in your chest.
It rises, then falls as you take your rest.

The night she was born
'The moon turn a fire red'
Now she lives with the curse
forevever a wolf inside needing to be fed
And kitty is happy to ablige
As long as you tie her hands behind her head
In intricate weaves entwined with roses of blood red
But remember Kitty doesn't purr for just anyone
Her soulmate is the wolf inside
It's hunger never to be dead.

Search for lust in a sea of sleeze
fakes changing masks
no-one can tame the wolf within
although it's very hungry
hungry for lust infused with longing
for flesh turning crimson beneath teeth
marking her territory with claws
down flesh in riving anticipation

it's in that stealthy, sway
that knowing, stare
seduction dripping, from every inch
nothing contrived or pretence
this sensuality, is as innate
as those k9's, sharp and wet...
dare you, allow her
to take a bite?
howl or cower
one way or another
none can resist
a heart, emboldened
by reciprocated, love
to express that sensuality
of raw animalistic, desire!

Hear me growl, hear me howl,
at all those things, that are so foul,
I’ll bare my teeth, with such a grimace,
to write a tale, with a horrid premise,
for I will chase, you will run,
you can’t escape this loaded gun,
in the woodland glade, you’ll surrender,
to be served your sentence, after your blunder,
though in the distance, I’ll hear the pack,
telling me that I need, to come right back,
so, you’re lucky my friend, I’ll catch you later,
but for now, remain the troll, remain the hater!

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