I miss you


I miss you more with every passing day,
Every day seems longer than the last,but hey,
We will be together someday soon,
Maybe we will meet under the next full moon.
Whether you're near or whether you're far,
I know you carry me in your heart wherever you you are,
Just save a place for me to be by your side,
Dion,my husband, forever in my heart you will reside

Soon someday,
it will just be,
you and me.
... and if anyone,
should doubt it;
let them wait and see.
It will be,
the two of us,
that's following the Lord.
From there we will,
prosper and grow,
without ever,
getting board.
Even if the fun,
is just between,
the two of us,
our marriage will be,
stronger than ever,
because nothing,
can beat our love.

Now. c'mon, you're just saying that
To soft-soap me
You knows - you millions of ya
That ya don't miss me!
Cos I shall only sing if ya see me
Shouldn't be allowed
It's inhuman!
A prisoner had to choose 50 years inside
Or a week of me singing
He chose prison! Doh!

I miss you my love, like the desert misses rain,
I miss you so bad it literally brings pain,
Pain in my heart,pain in my mind,
But I know it would be worse if you left me behind.
I belong in your arms, I belong by your side,
Then we could truly say that life is a beautiful ride
When we're finally together,our words will echo our hearts, I'm so excited for our life together to start

I miss you
I miss yew
I mist yew
I mist ewe
I missed ewe
Eye missed ewe
Aye missed ewe
Eye missed ewe
I missed ewe
I mist ewe
I mist yew
I miss yew
I miss you

Roses wilt,
and sunrays hide,
No longer can we see eye-to-eye -
This silent place
is where I reside.


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