Baller Oni

First strike, you're in trouble
Second strike, you start to sweat
Strike three,  you go to Hell


The score is even 
and you need a home run
The Baller Oni, yells 
" Let's have  fun"


"How did you get 666" I ask
"Its simple" he giggles without  shame
I clobbered them all
The Devil is my name


He shows me the bat
Snickering once again
You may think I'm nice 
But, I am not your  friend


His eyes start glowing
 I start to run away
" Hey Come back,
You still haven't played"


Now, I asked him 
How he ended at the Mansion
" It's the portal to Hell"
I read his lips like closed caption 


He swung the bat, clobbering my head"

You're a Oni Now,  Angel"

Demon Baller said


Welcome to the Game 
It's the Angels verses the Demons
I swung my bat
I knew I wasn't dreaming


I was a dead Angel
 So I swung the bat as hard as I could
I clobbered the demon
 with my bat made of wood 


I may be, a  new Oni
But, I know how to play the game
Clobber all the demons
Because dead Angels have no shame






  • Rocky Lagou

    I like how playful this poem is. You did a great job, should've been the winner. But oh well! 💖

    • Dove

      Thanks a bunch! Much appreciated

    • Neville

      Well I never .. I do seem to learn summat different almost every day .. I dont know what kind of competition you were up against Dove, but I'm surprised you never took gold ... next time, give us a shout, I'm all up for a bit of match fixing ............ Oni & out for now 🙂 💖

      • Dove

        I uploaded the image which belongs to the Oni Mansion ... Which was for the contest. Of course there were many more..Thanks for the read and comment

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